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Discover the BAX 3000, an innovative, energy-based approach to eliminating allergies through advanced laser and computer technology.

The present author is a universal reactor, that is, a person who has been allergic to just about everything, including most foods, vitamins, amino acids, environmental allergens, molds, fungi, phenolics, hormones, and many human organs. In order to survive, I have learned how to perform NAET allergy elimination treatments myself, and I’ve become quite adept at muscle testing in order to identify my allergies and those of my close family members.

Although I am grateful for NAET and its groundbreaking approach to allergy elimination, in my experience this approach has limitations for patients with severe allergies. For example, as my allergies grew more and more numerous, my various NAET doctors (and one Bioset doctor) didn’t seem interested in whether I had been tested for heavy metal toxicity, candida, parasites, or leaky gut syndrome, even though these are some of the things that are known to contribute to severe allergies. Moreover, my studies and research has revealed that there is a strong link between thyroid health and allergies. In fact, muscle testing has indicated that my thyroid is the underlying cause of my acute allergies. My naet doctors, however, never informed me about this correlation. I wish they had; it might have prevented a great deal of suffering on my part.


I presently undergo several energy based allergy treatments each week and I am also taking some nutritional supplements to support my thyroid gland. I’m doing better but I have not yet permanently eliminated all of my allergies. When I heard about the BioAllergenix, BAX 3000 allergy elimination system, I thought I’d learn more about it to see if it offered patients any advantages over other energy-based allergy elimination systems such as NAET and Bioset.

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BioAllergenix bases the theory behind its allergy elimination system on stress. The company purports that stress is the primary reason for disease, and when individuals are exposed to potential allergens while undergoing stressful situations, an association can be formed in which the body will react to those substances as actual allergens in the future. To break the negative association (or the allergy) the body has created, the BAX 3000 introduces a positive stimulus into the equation, which is the laser component of their treatment.

BioAllergenix utilizes modern computer and laser technology to identify allergies, and then systematically eliminate them. The BioAllergenix system, approved by the Food and Drug Administration, can detect about 100,000 substances that are potential allergens for patients. The system does this through its digital library, where the vibrational frequencies of actual allergens are stored in digitized form. Represented in its “library” are: vitamins, minerals, and foods; parasites; environmental allergens such as weeds and mold; heavy metals; household products; phenolics; and various components that comprise the human body.

With BioAllergenix, patients undergo an allergy test without needless or blood tests, since potential allergens are introduced to the patients electronically and the patient’s physiological response is measured electronically. This can result in a fast and accurate report of the substances that individuals are allergic to.

With the BAX 3000, once a patient’s allergies are identified, the doctor or allergy practitioner uses the BioAllergenix cold laser to eliminate them. To do this, the system takes the electronic version of a patient’s allergen, which is stored in its computerized data base, and introduces the patient to that allergen while he or she is simultaneously receiving beneficial stimulation from the cold laser. A positive association is created in which the body safely receives the energy of the allergen in combination with the positive, healing energy from the cold laser, thus reprogramming the patient’s immune system to safely accept the allergen in the future.

Bioallergenix claims that their BAX 3000 helps patients with various symptoms of allergies such as respiratory symptoms, skin ailments, and digestive complaints. Interestingly, the company reports that their system has also had success in treating a variety of related conditions including: hyperactivity disorders, headaches, autism, and autoimmune disease.

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