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Those of you who have browsed our web site or have read our first muscle testing tutorial will know that this author has one of the worst cases of food allergies ever recorded. As of today, I have had several hundred allergies that have included: vitamins, minerals, amino acids, numerous foods, brain transmitters, body organs, and complex combination allergies that have included up to eight substances together. When I started receiving NAET treatments about ten years ago, these treatments worked very well. Now, however, my allergies have reached a crises stage where I require several energy treatments per day in order to keep eating. Therefore, I have had to learn to perform the “NAET” treatments myself, as well as another crucial component of the energy treatment process: muscle testing.

To summarize our first muscle testing tutorial, the procedure I presented was taught to me by several NAET doctors and an expert kinesiologist. After determining whether a subject’s energy is “balanced,” the subject holds a suspected allergen in his hand (sequentially, against four specific points on the body) while extending his other arm out horizontally. The tester then pushes down on the subject’s extended arm to see if it weakens. If the subject’s arm weakens, an allergy is indicated. This method of muscle testing has worked very well for me and I thought it was the “state of the art” testing procedure. Then I read a book that took my practice of muscle testing to a new level.

A More Efficient Testing Procedure

When I first read “Power vs. Force” by David Hawkins, the author’s contentions truly required a stretch of my imagination. Since Hawkins has an impressive history as a successful psychiatrist and author, I gave him the benefit of the doubt and continued reading his work; I am really glad I did.

Hawkins has extended the practice of muscle testing into a broader metaphysical context in which it is assumed that all things are connected. In this paradigm, all events that have occurred are recorded into a so called “database” or “super consciousness.” I should note here that since the future hasn’t occurred yet, future events are not yet written into this “database.” Since everything or all life is connected in this context, we all supposedly have access to what has been written into this super consciousness, and Hawkins contends that we can access it with a bit of practice. Sound far fetched? It did to me, but I began experimenting with it.

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Learning The New Procedure

Keeping in mind Hawkins’ contention that you can only access events in the past or present (not future events), I prepared to muscle test by making the following statement, “Jane’s (my wife’s niece) birthday falls in the first six months of the year.” My partner pressed down on my arm and it remained strong, which is an affirmative answer. I proceeded to state, “Jane’s birthday is in January;” “February;” “March;” “April;” “May;” June.” My arm dropped for January, February, April, May, and June, which indicates a negative response. However, when I stated March, my arm went strong, indicating that was Jane’s birthday. My wife was surprised and she stated that the answer, March, was indeed correct. We proceeded to replicate our experiment with three other relatives, getting a correct answer for each of their birthdays (please note that I did not know their birthdays in advance)! I was stunned, and I started to consider the implications of this technique for diagnosing allergies and other health-related issues.

My next experiment involved allergies and my cat. Boo Boo currently receives monthly injections to control her terrible allergy related scratching. I began testing for Boo Boo by asking a sequence of questions (Hawkins explains we must ask questions in statement form):

• Boo Boo is scratching right now due to an environmental allergy (negative)

• Boo Boo is scratching now due to a food allergy (positive)

• The allergen is a vitamin (negative)

• The allergen is a mineral (negative)

• The allergen is a grain (negative)

• The allergen is a meat (positive)

• The allergen is chicken (negative)

• The allergen is beef (negative)

• The allergen is turkey (positive)

Upon learning that my cat’s allergy was due to turkey, I proceeded to give her a surrogate energy treatment (see my FAQs for Dr. Jimmy Scott’s self-treatment method) for turkey and I had Boo Boo avoid this allergen for 25 hours after the treatment, giving her body a chance to recover from the allergy (NAET protocol). It worked! Boo Boo’s scratching decreased.

Two days later I saw her scratching again, so I tested her again with a sequence of questions. This time I identified the allergen as guar gum, an ingredient in her food. Once again, I treated her and her scratching decreased significantly. During the next week, I discovered Boo Boo’s remaining allergies through muscle testing; they were: barley, fish oil, tuna, carrageenan, poultry liver, poultry heart, and chicken liver; all ingredients in the food she was currently eating. I proceeded to treat her allergies and she is now doing well. Boo Boo is not scratching right now, but if she starts again, I’ll simply identify her allergen through advanced testing and treat her.

My next experiment with advanced testing relates to a very serious health issue. I am currently suffering from about three new food allergies per day. A kinesiologist examined me and said leaky gut was causing my allergies. He tested me and determined that my leaky gut was not from Candida, so the only other thing that can cause gut permeability this extensively is heavy metal toxicity. At the time I did not opt for a heavy metal hair analysis. Now “armed” with advanced muscle testing, however, I decided to test for heavy metal toxicity. Muscle testing indicated an affirmative response for heavy metals, so I prepared a list of about 40 common metals that cause toxicity in humans. The only one that showed an affirmative response through muscle testing was arsenic. I quickly found an oral chelating agent and asked through muscle testing if this particular agent would remove the arsenic from my system safely. The answer was affirmative. I am currently taking this chelating agent and plan to report the results here in the near future.

Advanced Muscle Testing vs. Basic Testing

Advanced muscle testing has been a great help to me in identifying my allergies. As you know, my allergies are severe and often involve “combination” allergies of seven, eight, and even nine substances together. When you treat an allergy and miss the combination of allergens, or when you have the wrong combination of allergens and treat it, in my experience the allergy returns. This can be extremely frustrating.

Trying to identify combination allergies through traditional muscle testing (see our first tutorial) can be extremely frustrating and tedious because you are working through trial and error. You are guessing as to which substances to combine and hold against your body as you muscle test. You can go through a hundred muscle test trials in order to identify a combination allergy. Conversely, I’ll show you how I used advanced muscle testing to identify a combination allergy, my “dust mite excrement” allergy that kept returning even though I treated it numerous times.

The Allergy Kit

Advanced Muscle Testing for Allergies

You may be surprised to see the names of organs (below) in the context of allergens. However, when dealing with energy-based allergy treatment, this is common. In fact, an established company that sells the energy vials to NAET doctors and practitioners has published a list of their inventory on the internet and it is extensive. Their inventory contains every bodily organ along with all possible allergens you might be exposed to.

To help you understand more about the association of organs with allergies, let’s look at the theory behind NAET. NAET, or the Nambudripad Allergy Elimination Technique, is the most well known of the energy-based allergy treatments. Based on theories of acupuncture, kinesiology, and chiropractic, NAET views the human body as pathways of electromagnetic energy that travel through meridians. Allergens are viewed as substances that disrupt the energy flow of the body, causing energy imbalances and impaired health in bodily organ systems. These organs correspond with various energy meridians. With NAET treatment, the central nervous system is stimulated while an allergen is in contact with the body. Acupressure along the spine stimulates nerves which convey messages to organs and bodily tissues to form a positive association with the allergen. This reprograms the body to now accept the energy of the allergen. Now, let’s bridge theory and practice together and see how this all works when we do advanced testing for allergies, and we suspect a combination allergy is involved.

I had an allergy to “dust mite excrement” that kept returning, even though I treated it several times before. I therefore suspected it was a combination allergy and it needed to be identified through advanced muscle testing. Here is the sequence of questions I used to properly identify my dust mite excrement allergy:

• My dust mite excrement allergy is a combination allergy (affirmative)

• It is a combination allergy with an environmental allergen (negative)

• It is a combination allergy with an organ (affirmative)

• It is a combination allergy with more than one organ (affirmative)

• Two organs? (positive)

• Three organs? (positive)

• Four organs? (positive)

• Five organs? (positive)

• Six organs? (positive)

• Seven organs? (positive)

• Eight organs? (positive)

• Nine organs? (negative)

After learning the allergy was a combination with eight organs, I referred to my list of body organs (below) and began muscle testing:

Digestive System – mouth, esophagus, stomach, small intestine, large intestine, liver, gall bladder, digestive acid, base

Skeletal System – bones, cartilage, tendons, ligaments

Muscular System – skeletal muscles, smooth muscles

Circulatory System – heart, blood vessels, blood,

Nervous System – brain, spinal cord, peripheral nerves

Respiratory System – nose, trachea, lungs

Excretory System – kidneys, ureters, bladder, urethra

Endocrine System – hypothalamus, pituitary, thyroid, pancreas, adrenals

Reproductive System
Female: ovaries, oviducts, uterus, vagina, mammary glands
Male: testes, seminal vesicles, penis, prostate

Lymphatic/Immune System – lymph, lymph nodes and vessels, white blood cells, T&B cells

Misc – appendix, skin, amygdala, albumin, spleen

I received an affirmative response for the following: kidney, pancreas, liver, heart, skin, muscles, blood, and hypothalamus. After writing the name of the eight organs on paper, and the word “dust mite excrement,” my partner performed a muscle test for me while I held the paper against my chest. My arm dropped like a stone, confirming a severe allergy. I proceeded to treat dust mite excrement in combination with these eight organs and the allergy has been successfully cleared; it has not returned.

Now we’ll look at a more simple example of advanced muscle testing that involved a friend of mine who was itching terribly. Since Pat has had food allergies before, I first suspected a food allergen:

• Pat’s itching is due to an allergy (affirmative)

• Pat’s itching is due to a food allergy (negative)

• Pat’s itching is due to a vitamin allergy (negative)

• Pat’s itching is due to a mineral allergy (negative)

• Pat’s itching is due to medication she is taking (negative)

• Pat’s itching is due to an environmental allergy (negative)

• Pat’s itching is due to something she is wearing (affirmative)

• Pat’s itching is due to a fabric (negative)

• Pat’s itching is due to jewelry she is wearing (negative)

• Pat’s itching is due to lotion she applies to her skin (affirmative)

After looking at the moisturizer lotion that Pat uses every morning, a bit more muscle testing identified two allergens: demethicone and “sodium hydroxypropyl starch phosphate.” We treated Pat and the allergy has not returned.

Closing Thoughts

I hope you can see that advanced muscle testing has been an extremely useful skill for us. Using this technique, we are now able to identify allergens more quickly, and we are able to identify the more complicated combination allergies that were previously quite elusive. But there is an important note that we’d like to address here.

I read a review of David Hawkins’ book (above) on, where the reviewer stated that Hawkins’ work was associated with the “devil.” I’d like to respond to any similar sentiments by saying I respect your opinion, but I strongly disagree. Hawkins himself states his research has indicated that advanced muscle testing seems to work properly only with people above a certain level of integrity. Personally, I can tell you that I only use this technique to improve the health of myself and my loved ones. I truly hope my web site visitors, the ones who avail themselves of this advanced technique, will do the same.