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About Allergy Control Products


You’ve arrived here because you’re searching for effective allergy control products, and because you are most likely “feeling” what we are about to tell you about the prevalence of allergies today:

  • More than 50% of Americans have allergies as determined by a physician administered skin allergy test

  • When it comes to the underlying cause of serious diseases, allergies are the sixth major cause of disease

  • Allergies cost the United States health care system approximately eighteen billion dollars per year

  • There has been a substantial increase in allergy related rhinitis in recent years

  • Occurrence of allergy related dermatitis is on the increase, with estimates ranging between about 10 and 25 percent

  • Allergy related sinusitis affects nearly 17% of the U.S. population; over 30 million people

  • Extraordinarily high rates of allergy have been reported for dust mites, ragweed, and cockroach; approximately 25% of individuals are allergic to each of these allergens

  • The incidence of asthma in the U.S. has increased by almost 75% in recent years

When allergy sufferers are surveyed, they report that their allergies are annoying and have a negative impact on their lives in several areas, including: ability to get a good night’s sleep, ability to work outside, ability to focus or concentrate, ability to perform productively at work, and ability to enjoy their sex lives. Yet, despite the misery experienced by so many, most people are spending their money on medication as opposed to natural remedies or allergy control products.

It is not easy to find current statistics that report the amount of consumer dollars spent on medication for allergies. One report published jointly by the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America and the National Pharmaceutical Council indicated that consumer spending for allergy medication rose by 89% between 1997 and 1999, and that it was an increase in the number of patients that accounted for about half of this increase.

Despite the enormous increase in spending for allergy related medications, we remain cognizant of the fact that natural allergy treatments exist, as well as effective allergy control products we can use in our homes for reducing exposure to harmful allergens. In this report, we will introduce you to some of the best allergy control products we know of that you can easily use in your home. These products include the most effective: allergy bedding, mold control products, vacuum cleaners, and air purifiers.

Breakthrough Offer!

Do-it-Yourself Allergy Elimination Kit!

Renowned allergy expert cracks immune code and helps you
to expertly eliminate your allergies & sensitivities at home!

Click to view do-it-yourself Allergy Kit

Allergy Bedding

Approximately 25% of individuals are allergic to dust mites. With so many people suffering from this allergy, special bedding is an allergy control product you really need to consider. Dust mite bedding shields you from dust mites and dust mite excrement, allergens that affect you while you sleep and can cause you to wake-up with symptoms such as nasal congestion headache, and malaise. Do a simple search on the internet and you'll find a variety of anti-allergy casings that can really help by covering your mattress and pillows.

Mold Control

Mold is often found in the areas of your home that have a high humidity level, such as bathrooms, kitchens, and basements. Aside from the potential danger of living with the deadly mycotoxins produced by some molds, if mold growth progresses to the point where it is consuming the structure of your home, it can become an extremely difficult and expensive undertaking to correct. Therefore, it is wise to take proactive measures and prevent mold growth before it progresses, measures you can take with the right allergy control products.

Dehumidifiers help to reduce the humidity in your home to a level at which mold growth does not occur; a level of less than 50%. We like units that are Energy Star rated since they save you on operating costs. We also like machines with washable air filters, and machines that are easily accessible for water removal. Also, make sure your unit covers the square footage you require.

Our choice is the Comfort-Aire 65 pint Dehumidifier. It is energy star rated, it covers about 1300 square feet of space, and it removes 65 pints in just 24 hours.

Air Purifiers

Air purifiers are the allergy control product that most families choose, and it’s no wonder, with the air in many homes being more contaminated than the air outdoors. If you are on the market for an air purifier, there are numerous machines to choose from. There are models that include a pre-filter which remove larger allergens, along with a standard filter. There are models with Hepa filters which capture small particles of 0.3 microns, such as mold, dust mite allergen, and animal dander. Keep in mind, though, that many particles that penetrate our lungs are smaller than .3 microns. These include various germs, fumes, and smoke.

The IQ Air Health Pro is rated by various experts as the best air purifier on the market. It includes a pre-filter, a filter for gases, and it covers a considerably large area of 1000 square feet. Unfortunately, its price of $700+ is a factor that turns many buyers away from this unit. We have found an excellent alternative, however.

Blueair air purifiers are less expensive than the IQ Air units, they are very effective, and they actually have an important advantage overthe IQ Air; they operate very silently. So the Blueair is great for bedrooms, living rooms, or family rooms, and it is effective in areas up to 605 square feet.

Vacuums for Allergy Control

Which of the allergy control products discussed is already in about 99% of all household? You guessed it; vacuums! But is your vacuum truly minimizing the allergens in your home?

One of the first considerations in buying a vacuum is choosing between an upright and a canister style. Whereas uprights are great for cleaning your carpets, canister vacuums handle carpets, bare floors, stairways, and hard to reach areas. So some buyers prefer the versatility of a canister vacuum. Next, you need to choose between a bag and bagless vacuum. Actually, both types offer equal cleaning power, so it’s a matter of preference. Some buyers feel they are saving money with the bagless since they aren’t purchasing replacement bags, although there can be a “messiness factor” when emptying the dirt from a bagless.

One additional consideration when buying a vacuum is attachments. Look for a crevice attachment if you will be vacuuming drawers and vents. An upholstery tool will work best with curtains, mattresses, and furniture. Finally, the dusting tool is a good choice for blinds and moldings. Now, we’ve done our homework and come up with some excellent choices.

Dyson Ball DC24 All Floors Upright Vacuum

This vacuum compares with units in the $700-$800 range, but we believe it offers some distinct advantages over the expensive competition. It works on various floor types, it offers superior versatility when turning, it offers powerful suction, it has HEPA filters that don’t need replacement, and it has a excellent 5 year warranty.

Electrolux Oxygen EL6988E Canister Vacuum with Handheld Powerbrush

Here you receive all the features of the more expensive models at a more affordable price. You can clean carpet and bare floors, you capture over 99% of allergens with its HEPA filtration, you receive three of the most useful accessory tools, and you get excellent suction power.

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