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Proven Allergy Relief

Learn about a new treatment that is providing permanent allergy relief for thousands of people in several countries. An energy-based approach bringing lasting allergy relief to those fortunate individuals who are open to alternative medicine. Some are calling this an allergy cure; see why!

This is a genuine, detailed case study about a treatment that eliminates food allergy, hay fever, and others; it is successful for about 80% of patients. This true story is about energy-based treatments I received in Arizona; non-invasive treatments that began with NAET and then evolved into a more powerful approach that involved the use of a cold laser.

I believe this natural allergy treatment can end your reactions regarding food allergy, hay fever, mold allergy and others. This treatment is powerful, non-invasive, and effective. For me, it has been nothing less than a cure, having provided me with permanent allergy relief!

While reading the following story, I ask that you keep an open mind until the end of the case study; do this for your own sake. I understand you may be skeptical about energy medicine and naet as well as the suggestion of an allergy cure. I was skeptical myself until I experienced the exciting results of my first energy-based treatment; true allergy relief after years of searching for a cure.

What Are Allergies?

At the age of 34 I started suffering from both food allergy and environmental allergies. Mold and dust (house dust) caused an extremely annoying, constant congestion problem and post nasal drip that was so severe, it actually interfered with my voice, causing me to sound hoarse when I spoke; at times my voice was barely audible. I searched diligently for some natural allergy remedy, perhaps a cure that could provide lasting allergy relief.

I managed to control most of my symptoms through the use of nutritional supplements. When my food allergies started to surface, however, nutritional supplements didn’t help and the allergies made my life progressively more miserable. That's when my focus shifted from vitamin supplements to the possibility of an actual allergy cure.

I began to study everything I could about allergies, thinking the secret to allergy relief might be found buried within the dusty old shelves of public libraries. I didn’t find a cure in these books, but the literature did seem to concur about what allergies were:

The Cause of Allergies: The Conventional Explanation

• Allergies are some kind of misdirected reaction by our immune system

• The immune system of some people becomes hyper-alert to some things

• Our bodies make antibodies or immunoglobulins to help destroy allergens

• The antibodies attach themselves to blood cells called mast cells

• Mast cells become irritated and “explode”

• When mast cells explode, chemicals are released, including histamine

• These chemicals, when released, cause our allergic reactions. An allergy cure doesn't exist, so avoid the substances you are allergic to.

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Science is one thing, wisdom is another. Science
is an edged tool, with which men play like children,
and cut their own fingers.

Sir Arthur Eddington


The Symptoms of food allergy and environmental allergies

I could no longer drink milk or eat cheese. The gastrointestinal distress they caused, the gas, bloating, diarrhea, and pain was too much to handle. In addition to the stomach distress, my skin would break out in a aggravating, unsightly case of acne on my back, shoulders, and face. These annoying symptoms kept me studying and searching for natural allergy relief.

I later learned that all my own symptoms, as well as an imposing list of other potential symptoms, were listed in an informative book about energy-based allergy elimination, “Allergy Antidotes” by Dr. Sandi Radomski. This is by far the most practical book I've found regarding techniques anyone can use to effect permanent relief.

Dr. Radomski is a Naturopathic Doctor who specializes in allergy elimination (yep, a simple allergy treatment outlined in her manuals which you can purchase) and she presents the following information as a “partial list of symptoms caused by sensitivities:

• Headaches

• Respiratory problems

• Sore throats

• Chronic coughs

• Frequent colds

• Eye irritation

• Fatigue

• Dizziness

• Memory lapses

• Depression

• Anxiety

• Mental fogginess

• Muscle aches and pains

• Arthritis

• Digestive problems

• Learning disabilities

• Weight gain

• Hyperactivity

click to learn more about allergy symptoms

keep in mind that, although Dr. Radomski shares some excellent techniques in her Allergy Antidotes manuals, there are other allergy elimination symptoms that will accomplish allergy relief for you as well (see our directory at the end of this section).

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more food allergies

Shortly after discovering my milk and cheese sensitivity, I became allergic to eggs; both the whites and the yolk. These foods were very difficult to avoid. I’d try to stay away from them, but it seemed like I was somehow being seduced into eating them “just one more time.” Dr. Radomski explains this well in her book where she states, “food reactions cause cravings that can be as powerful as a drug addiction. If you are not aware of this you may think you are neurotic or at lease weak-willed” (1999, p. 13).

Believe it or not, the problem only got worse. I soon found that I was unable to eat an ever expanding list of foods, and allergy relief seemed more and more elusive.

Aside from soy, milk, cheese, and eggs, I was now allergic to:

• Corn

• Oats

• Mayonnaise

• Rye

• Mustard

• Pepper • Ginger

• Canola Oil

• Chocolate

• Onion


• Apple

• Cheddar Cheese

• Kidney Beans

• Soybeans

• Sweet Potato

• American Cheese

• Mozzerella Cheese

• Lobster

• Walnuts

• Oysters

• Figs

• Brazil Nuts

Examine the best allergy relief options: allergy medicine, vitamins for allergy, herbal remedies, energy-based allergy treatment. Click for the best allergy relief options.

avoidance, a far cry from allergy relief!

Fortunately, my doctor ordered the ELISA allergy test for me, and he had an excellent laboratory perform the test. Although these allergy tests are far from perfect, without them it is very difficult to know precisely which foods are causing your problems, because symptoms usually don’t occur immediately after eating.

This "delay" problem is explained in a book called “The False Fat Diet” (2000) by Dr. Elsen Haas. Dr. Haas explains that the most common type of allergic reaction to food is a delayed reaction, which can take up to three days for symptoms to appear. It can therefore be an extremely frustrating task when trying to trace the exact source of your sensitivity.

My doctor's advice was avoidance! I was advised to simply stay away from those foods I was allergic to; avoidance seemed like a far cry from the allergy relief I was searching for.

For the time being, I followed the suggestion of my “omniscient” doctors and proceeded to get on with a life totally devoid of a growing list of foods. That’s when I started suffering from headaches, weakness, and dizziness to such an extent that I was irritable and grouchy for the greater part of each day. I could barely tolerate myself in this condition, and people had no trouble letting me know just how unpleasant I was becoming.

why can't doctor's treat food allergy (and others)?

Just when the situation seemed like it could not get any more intolerable, an increase in gastrointestinal distress led to my discovery of more food allergies. This time, however, I was allergic to important nutrients, some of which the human body could not do without for an extended period of time:

• Several Amino Acids

• Three different B Vitamins

• Vitamin C

• Magnesium

• Serotonin

Faced with this barrage of new sensitivities, my allergy problem seemed to take on overwhelming proportions and the search for an allergy cure seemed over. Now allergic to environmental substances, many foods, several amino acids, B vitamins, vitamin C, magnesium, and even the major neurotransmitter-serotonin, I just couldn’t take it anymore. The best that conventional medicine could tell me is that I should avoid the foods making me sick, and my allergies could be caused by leaky gut syndrome.

Click here for more about leaky gut syndrome.

At this point you might say I gave up my fight for allergy relief. I “raised the white flag,” and resolved to eat a diet that was severely limited and very unappealing. If there was a cure out there, I was not able to find it.


“I have learned the novice can often see things that the expert
overlooks. All that is necessary is not to be afraid of making
mistakes, or of appearing naive.”

Abraham Maslow


Dr. John - allergy relief is possible!

One day a friend told me she heard about a Chiropractor who offered some kind of cure for food allergy and other allergies. I remember exactly what my initial reaction was...”allergy cure? Bull! Everyone knows what Chiropractors do; they perform spinal adjustments and help people who have back pain. What the #*@! would a Chiropractor know about an allergy cure? I refuse to get my hopes up over something so silly.” As it turned out, however, it wasn’t silly at all. I was about to get an amazing education and my first look at allergy elimination; true allergy relief.

I went to see this “allergy” Chiropractor. Dr. “John” was warm, professional, and caring. We sat and talked about family background and my career for a while, then he asked me if I could open my mind to a new way of thinking. I told him I was flexible, but I had tried everything in my search for an allergy cure and I no longer believed anyone could relieve my suffering. He said that I hadn’t tried “everything” just yet.


“Only that day dawns to which we are
awake. There is more day to dawn.”

Henry David Thoreau, Walden


The truth about allergy relief starts with Energy!

energy allergy cure

Dr. John explained that he viewed the body holistically, in a way similar to the view of the Chinese. This view accepts the fact that there is an energy system in the body that is separate from the cardiovascular system and nervous system. This system, even though we can not see it, has everything to do with the way the body maintains its overall health.

Despite everything thing I had heard about allergies, an allergy cure was entirely possible. According to this holistic view, allergies (as well as physical pain or illness) occur when the flow of energy in our bodies becomes interrupted. In his book “Energy Within” (1992), Dr. Richard Chin wrote “pain or illness results when the flow of energy becomes blocked or unbalanced in some way, because this disharmony then upsets the balance of the body’s entire energy system” (p. 42).

At this point I found that my logical mind was having trouble accepting this new way of thinking. If allergies were actually blockages of energy in the body, this seemed to contradict everything I had studied thus far. In fact, it didn’t seem to coincide with the Western view of medicine at all. My heart sank upon hearing Dr. John’s “far-fetched” explanation of allergies, and I braced once again for another disappointment in my search for allergy relief.

Dr. John further explained that everything is comprised of energy, that every cell of both the human body and even a physical building is actually in motion; part of an energy wave. There are rhythms, frequencies, wavelengths and electrical charges of the vibrating energy waves which form the body, or things like buildings, or even thoughts! I wondered what these frequencies and wavelengths had to do with allergies.

“As we head toward the twenty-first
century, I believe physicians worldwide
will begin to agree that the human organism is
actually a matrix of interacting multi-
dimensional energy fields...”

Dr. Richard Chin (1992, p. viii)

I might have left Dr. John’s office right after his outrageous explanation of energy, but a powerful memory flooded my mind that seemed to substantiate his theory. About 20 years ago I attended a meeting about dowsing. At this meeting, a bright and seemingly informed man gave an interesting demonstration of how dowsing worked.

This dowser presented the audience (about twenty five people) with a challenge. He said he could prove that everything contains energy, even thought. The dowser then proposed that he leave the room for five minutes and while he was gone, everyone in the room should pick a spot, the same spot, in that room.

After everyone focused on that one spot, the dowser would return to the room and everyone in the audience should “think about” that particular spot in the room. Well, the dowser did return to the room and guess where his dowsing rod pointed? Yep, it pointed to the exact spot that we, the audience, were thinking about! I recall being quite amazed at this demonstration, and the possibility arose within my mind that even invisible things like thoughts could be comprised of energy.

Because of my previous “indoctrination” to the concept of energy and its relevance to all things, Dr. John now had my full attention. I was eager to learn more about his theory and how it might effect a allergy cure. Next came a demonstration that would remove any doubt I had about this “outrageous” non-traditional allergy approach.

The Meridian Network

I would soon learn that the body has twelve “energy transportation systems” referred to as the meridian network. The meridians were supposedly lines of force flowing near the body’s surface, which flow to our internal organs. Also, there are “dots” distributed throughout the meridian network known in Chinese medicine as acupuncture points, and these important points would be utilized in the treatment of my allergies and ultimate allergy relief.

Dr. Devi Nambudripad is the originator of the energy-based allergy treatment movement. In her book “Say Goodbye To Illness,” she discusses “vital energy” and the meridians as follows:

“It is true, however, that without vital energy none of the body functions can take place...For experienced Chinese doctors these meridians are real. Trained experienced hands are able to trace each meridian, inch by inch, and make the appropriate evaluation of the physical, physiological and emotional condition of a person with 99-100% accuracy” (1999, p. 140).

In her book, Energy Medicine (1998), Donna Eden describes the acupuncture points as “hundreds of tiny reservoirs of heat, electromagnetic, and more subtle energies along the surface of the skin” (p. 96). Eden further explained that “the acupuncture points situated along the meridians have been likened to the amplifiers that are found along a telephone cable, boosting the signal so that it can continue to the next amplifier” (p. 97).

For those who would like to learn more about energy healing and see some remarkable demonstrations, check out Donna Eden’s video package. Ms. Eden is one of the few energy practitioners who could be called a `Master Healer.' Her empathy, insight, and curative powers are very inspiring. In her six-hour video series, Ms. Eden presents a practical energy teaching that comes alive with clear instructions and vivid demonstrations. There are energy exercises that benefit all types of physical ailments and a self-care program that can be truly life changing!

OK, one more thing before I discuss Dr. John’s demonstration. Kinesiology is the art and science of movement of the human body. It was developed in the 1960s by Dr. George Goodheart and it is regularly used to find energy blockages in the body. It includes a form of muscle testing that can measure the level of energy moving through our meridians. Kinesiology, therefore, measures changes in muscle resistance when a person is exposed to something they are allergic to.

Tell me and I will hear, show me and I will see,
involve me and I will understand.

Chinese Proverb


The Demonstration

Dr. John asked me what I thought I was allergic to. I told him that milk caused the most severe reaction for me, and that eggs were a problem also. He sat me down and asked me to hold my left arm out to the side (horizontally), which I did.

Dr. John stood beside me and said he was going to press down on my arm and I was to resist. He pressed down on the wrist area of my extended arm and I resisted; my arm remained steady, strong, and outstretched. Dr. John then placed a small glass vial in my hand, which I held within my closed fist, resting my hand (and vial) on my thigh. With my arm still outstretched Dr. John told me to “resist” once again. This time when the doctor put pressure on my arm, it just went limp and fell. My arm lowered itself as if I had completely lost control of it, and I just watched helplessly as it fell!

Dr. John explained that the vial I was holding contained milk. Well, not exactly milk, but the electromagnetic frequency (remember we discussed energy and frequency above) that milk contains, magnified by 10x (some practitioners use tubes that have a magnified energy). The energy in the tube is magnified by a factor of ten times the original substance because this more easily uncovers patients’ sensitivities). Hence the terms “energy frequency tube,” “potentized tube,” or “homeopathic compounding 10x”.

After my muscle test, Dr. John said the reaction of my arm during his muscle test clearly told him that I was sensitive to milk, and as I would soon discover, this same muscle testing technique would tell Dr. John, after my energy-based treatment, exactly when allergy relief was achieved.

The Energy-Based Explanation of food allergy & others

Energy based allergy elimination treatments have evolved from a totally different paradigm than that of the Western medical perspective. When you examine this paradigm closely, you begin to see that allergy relief is not only possible, but quite simple.

In her seminal book on energy-based allergy elimination, Dr. Devi Nambutripad (founder of N.A.E.T.) enlightens us as to what allergies really are and how the can be cured. This is the book that was responsible for turning my own health around by eliminating my allergies:

Dr. Nambudripad, for example, explains what allergies do to the human body:

“When the allergen’s incompatible electromagnetic energy comes close to a person’s energy field, repulsion takes place...This causes energy blockages in the meridians. These blockages cause imbalances in the body. The imbalances cause stagnation and illness which creates disorganization in the body function. The disorganization of the body and its function involve the vital organs, their associated muscle groups and nerve roots.

To prevent the allergen from causing further disarray after producing the initial blockage, the brain sends messages to every cell of the body to reject the presence of the allergen. This rejection will appear as repulsion, and the repulsion will produce different symptoms in the person like weak limbs, tiredness, aches, pains, insomnia, constipation, anger and many other such unpleasant symptoms” (1999, p. 100).

Energy-Based Allergy Relief

Energy-based allergy treatments are simple, non-invasive, and effective. Indeed, I have found them to true allergy relief. A variety of energy based treatments have evolved since the development of Dr. Nambidripad’s naet, each one employing unique procedures that revolve around placing an allergen in your energy field and stimulating acupuncture points.

My example of an energy-based allergy treatment below does not represent one particular approach or theorist. It is just used to illustrate, in general, what an energy-based treatment is like, and that real allergy relief is indeed possible.

First your practitioner will identify the substances you are allergic to. I have had this done in two ways. Many of my allergies were identified through muscle testing, a procedure which I’ve found to be quite accurate. As I mentioned above, your practitioner will know if you are sensitive to a substance because your arm will weaken when he places pressure on it.

I’ve also had my allergies identified through the use of a computerized allergy testing device. The practitioner touches your skin with a type of wand that emits the electromagnetic frequency of many different food and environmental substances. This device measures and records, using numbers between 50 and 70, whether or not you are sensitive to a substance.

Depending on the energy based program your practitioner uses, he/she will probably first test you for sensitivity to a “primary collection” of substances. The substances in the primary collection will most likely represent important nutrients that the body needs to function properly, as well as toxins that can seriously harm the body. This collection can include a variety of: foods, minerals, vitamins, metals, chemicals, and even detergents.

Next, your practitioner will place the allergen (energy frequency tube) in your energy field by asking you to hold a particular vial. He/she will then stimulate certain acupuncture points on your body, using either his hands, a device called an arthrostim, or even a cold laser (I’ll discuss the laser in more detail in another section). After treating your acupuncture points, your practitioner will muscle test you again to see if you are cleared of the allergy.

If you are not clear after the muscle test(if your arm is weakened during muscle testing), your acupuncture points will be worked on again. If you are clear, you will leave the practitioner’s office and be re-tested on that substance in the near future to see if your treatment “held.” Most energy based approaches have you avoid the substance for which you were just treated for a period of time. This requirement depends on the approach followed by your practitioner.

Does Energy-Based Treatment Actually Eliminate Allergies?

Experience has shown me that Energy based allergy treatments are safe, fast, and very effective; they provide the lasting allergy relief I had hoped for. In fact, I know these treatments have saved my life. They have liberated me from the strict confines of a very restricted diet and they have released me from the torment of relentless, debilitating allergy symptoms. I now eat all the foods I desire, and in what ever combination I want.

Do energy based treatments work for everyone? My experience, and the numerous published case studies of various practitioners indicates that energy-based treatments work; they can indeed be an allergy cure for many patients. From what I have seen, however, the number of treatments it will take to effect a cure will vary among patients. And, good news! There is now a great energy-based allergy elimination program you can do at home!

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In her “Allergy Antidotes” manual, Dr. Sandi Radomski discusses innovative research done by Dr. Penny Montgomery and Dr. Margaret Ayers. These researchers developed a real-time EEG that could identify the precise “allergic signature” in the brain, or the brain waves that occur when someone ingests a substance they are allergic to. Once the “allergic signature” was identified, Drs. Montgomery and Ayers proved that the signature would disappear after energy treatment was performed and allergy relief was accomplished.

NAET & allergy relief

There is a common theoretical basis running through the growing list of energy-based allergy elimination treatments. Aside from a foundation that revolves around the meridian network and acupuncture points, at the core of these treatments lies the work of Dr. Devi Nambudripad, the originator of naet, or the Nambudripad Allergy Elimination Technique. naet is the seminal work on energy-based allergy elimination.

Dr. Nambudripad is an Acupuncturist, a Chiropractor, and a Ph.D in nutrition. She had suffered from food allergies to such an extent that she was living on broccoli and white rice for several years prior to her treatment discovery. Fortunately, Dr. Nambudripad possessed the unique combination of training and skills that would eventually provide the world with true allergy relief.

One day Dr. Nambudripad ingested carrots by mistake and became very ill. As she lay down and called to her husband to bring her acupuncture needles, knowing that this was the only thing that brought her some relief, she performed acupuncture on herself and fell asleep.

Upon awakening, Dr. Devi felt better than she had in a very long time. She discovered that she had fallen asleep while lying on some of the same carrots she had eaten! This is how Dr. Devi realized that our acupuncture points needed to be stimulated while the offending substance was within our energy field. She had actually reprogrammed her body to accept the energy of the carrots she was allergic to. Thus, naet was born and lasting allergy relief was now possible.

NAET is a non-invasive, drug free allergy cure that eliminates all types of allergies. It uses a combination of energy balancing, and procedures from acupuncture/acupressure, allopathy, chiropractic, nutrition, and kinesiology.

Since NAET was discovered, Dr. Nambudripad has trained numerous practitioners to administer her treatment. naet is now available in many countries throughout the world and over five thousand licensed medical practitioners have been trained in NAET procedures (many of them are chiropractors).

Although many similar allergy elimination programs have emerged since the development of NAET, NAET is widely recognized as the original, ground-breaking allergy cure. It is also the program that sponsors controlled research to establish the validity and effectiveness of its procedures.

According to the NAET web site (, a new web site will soon be available to the public that will contain the research results pertaining to NAET. The mailing address of the NAET Research Foundation is:

Nambudripad's Allergy Research Foundation 6732 Beach Boulevard Buena Park, California, 90621

For those interested in learning more about naet, Dr. Nambudripad has prepared an “open letter” to the public, in which she explains “What is correct NAET...”


NAET patients are instructed to read Dr. Nambudripad’s book, Say Goodbye to Illness (1999 ), before making an appointment with a practitioner who is trained in the NAET procedure.

Combination (synergistic) Allergies

Once you begin an energy-based allergy treatment program, you may start to understand just how ineffective conventional allergy treatment can be. Compare years of injections (if they are available for your particular allergy) to a treatment that literally offers a 24 hour allergy cure; no contest! Combination allergies are another good example of the superiority of energy-based treatments and the allergy relief they provide.

Let’s say your allergist wants to identify the food allergens you’ve been reacting to, so she orders the ELISA allergy blood test for you from a laboratory she trusts. This lab does a great job with identifying your allergies and assigning each one a number from 1-3 indicating its severity. The lab includes a very useful rotation diet with your results, which lets you consume some of your less severe food allergens occasionally, on a rotation basis.

According to the results of your ELISA test, you are mildly allergic to oats but you can “rotate” oats, meaning you can eat them about once every three days. Great. You prepare a big healthy bowl of steel cut oatmeal, pour some fresh organic milk over it, cut-up some plump, moist strawberries, and enjoy. It doesn’t get much better than this. Except that about an hour later you find yourself doubled-over with severe stomach distress and you’re looking all over the house for that bottle of Immodium!

Your ELISA test was indeed accurate, so why did you have a reaction to the oatmeal? What the ELISA test could not tell you is that you had a combination allergy. You are not allergic to milk by itself; you know this because you always have milk without any problem. But when you ingest milk and oats together, you have a serious allergic reaction.

How do you discover what combination allergies you have? Very easily...if you have an energy-based allergy practitioner. You go in for your next appointment and explain something like “doc, I don’t get it. I’m not allergic to milk, and I’m allowed to have oats once in a while. Why did the oatmeal get me so sick?”

The doctor puts two tiny vials in your hand and proceeds with a muscle test. You’ve seen these results many times before. Your arm drops down when the doctor puts a little pressure on it. What were you just tested for? Milk and oats together. The doctor easily detected your combination allergy.

Energy-based testing and treatments are that simple, yet in my experience it can solve problems that conventional allergy treatment just can’t touch. The above milk/oats combination allergy is not fictitious; that was one of five different combination allergies that my practitioner eliminated for me. Dr. Jaqueline Krohn (1996) gives us a “heads-up” about foods that are proven to cause synergistic (combination) allergic reactions:

Proven Synergistic Foods

• Corn and banana

• Beef and yeast (baker’s, brewer’s, and malt)

• Cane sugar and orange

• Milk and mint

• Egg and apple

• Pork and black pepper

Possible Synergistic Foods (identified but not verified)

• Wheat and tea

• Pork and chicken

• Milk and chocolate

• Cola and chocolate

• Coffee and cola

• Coffee and chocolate

Energy-Based Treatment: food allergy vs. environmental allergies

In her discussion of NAET, Nambudripad’s Allergy Elimination Technique, Dr. Krohn (1996) states that “Foods are more easily treated by this method, but it is successful for other substances as well...” (P. 57). I would agree with this, but I’d say that with regard to energy-based allergy elimination as a whole (not just N.A.E.T), food sensitivities are more easily treated than environmental allergies. But I would make one major qualification: the cold laser. Let me explain.

When I first received energy-based allergy elimination treatments, an allergen (energy frequency tube) was placed in my energy field and spinal manipulation was performed to stimulate several accupuncture points on my spine. My practitioner performed the spinal manipulation with his hands. I was then told to avoid that particular allergen for a certain number of hours while the energy realignment was occuring in my meridians.

Avoiding an allergen is easy if the substance is a food product, because you would just refrain from eating that food. But what if the allergen is an environmental substance, like pollen, dust, or mold? That can be very difficult to avoid unless we have a plastic bubble we can live in for a while.

I wore a surgical mask after my own energy-based treatment of dust in a futile attempt to avoid the ubiquitous and nasty stuff, but the treatment failed; several treatments for dust all failed. Subsequently, however, my practitioner altered his method of acupuncture point stimulation and I was amazed by the results.

Dr. John started treating my acupuncture points with a cold laser. Since he started using the cold laser, every allergy he treated me for was cleared in one session (previously it took up to 3 sessions to clear a specific sensitivity). Moreover, it appeared there was no more avoidance period after my treatment. It now seemed that the energy-based allergy relief was almost instantaneous!

The Cold Laser & allergy relief

LASER is an acronym for Light Amplification by stimulated Emission of Radiation. Dr. Terry Melton, a chiropractor from Hermitage, TN, provides a simple explanation of the cold laser on his web site...

“Cold laser is a new type of laser approved by the FDA in December 2002. It looks like any other therapedic laser, but this (LLL) low level laser has not temperature. It emits energy without causing any know side effects. There are 2 main types of energy of course, (-) negative ions, called electrons that flow in a current and we call it electricity. The other, is (+) positive ions or protons that flow in a beam and we call it laser... ...When laser energy contacts our skin, it is converts "radiate energy into chemical energy". Then our body will use this energy to speed up chemical reactions and quicken the healing process.”

Ironically, there is no mention in the literature of the cold laser being used as an allergy treatment or allergy cure, but fortunately the use of this amazing device is expanding; the device is now being used by dentists to treat gum disease, centers that apply it for hair restoration, as well as allergy practitioners.

Omega Laser Systems...

( ...Indicates that some common fields of laser therapy application are: Physiotherapy, General Practice Dentistry, Wound Management, Acupuncture, Dermatology, Pain Management, and Veterinary Medicine. Omega states that four distinct effects are known to occur when using low level laser therapy:

• Growth factor response within cells and tissue as a result of increased ATP and protein synthesis

• Pain relief as a result of increased endorphin release

• Strengthening the immune system response via increasing levels of lymphocyte activity and through a newly researched mechanism termed photomodulation of blood.

• Acupuncture point stimulation.

The Amazing Erchonia Laser

Erchonia Medical, Inc. was founded in in 1996 and is located in Mesa, Arizona. Erchonia made history in January of 2002 when they became the first cold laser manufacturer to be cleared by the FDA for the treatment of chronic neck and shoulder pain. Erchonia’s laser has a beam of light that is 635 nm, the same frequency as that of a healthy living cell.

I mentioned above that when my energy-based practitioner starting treating me with the Erchonia laser (instead of spinal manipulation of my acupuncture points), I noticed a tremendous improvement in my treatment results. Only one session was needed to clear any allergy that I was treated for. This saved me quite a bit of money and time, as my allergies were cleared much faster. But there is another possible benefit of laser allergy treatment and this one is potentially huge.

As you know from my discussion above, with most energy-based allergy treatments there is an avoidance period after the treatment. This means that, for a certain period of time, you will need to avoid the substance you were treated for. I found that, after my laser energy-based treatments, I no longer had to adhere to an avoidance period after treatment.

I suppose it would be irresponsible and premature of me to claim that laser energy-based allergy treatments eliminate the need for an avoidance period after treatments. And when I mentioned to my practitioner that I didn’t need an avoidance period anymore since he started using the laser, he smiled and stated “I’m not ready to make that claim.” But I personally feel this is where energy-based allergy treatments are headed; fast, powerful allergy relief with no avoidance period!

Based on my experience with energy-based laser treatments, I predict that energy-based practitioners, those that use the Erchonia laser, will soon be able to eliminate the usual waiting period that patients undergo after their treatments. When this avoidance period is eliminated, the treatment of environmental allergies will be much more effective because the difficulty of avoidance substances like dust, pollen, and mold after treatments will no longer be an issue.

There is another reason I predict that energy-based allergy treatments will no longer require patients to undergo an avoidance period after treatment. There is a company called Allergies Lifestyles & Health and they supply energy-based allergy practitioners with energy frequency vials (the vials that contain the exact frequency of various allergens). This company has created instruments that enhance the allergy treatments performed by energy based allergy practitioners. Their Advanced BioPhoton Analyzer and Matrix II System, they claim, can be used by practitioners after an energy treatment so that patients do not have to go through an avoidance period of up to 25 hours.

What do other doctors have to say about the Erchonia laser? In her book, “Allergy Antidotes - Advanced Procedures” Dr. Radomski states “The Erchonia Laser is the ‘Mercedes’ of all lasers. Instead of a pinpoint or slightly elongated beam, the width of the Erchonia beam goes across an entire room. It can easily stimulate all of the points of the body at one time. It is a wonderful piece of equipment” (p. 73).

Personally, I don’t know where I would be today if I hadn’t been introduced to energy-based allergy elimination. I hope my story has increased your awareness as to the effectiveness of energy medicine, and I hope you have opened your mind to this new way of thinking about allergies and the possiblility of an allergy cure. There truly is a new option available to you for the treatment of your allergies and it happens to be an allergy cure for many who have tried it.

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