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About Allergy Elimination

Allergy elimination is a relatively new field that began in the 1980s when Dr. Devi Nambudripad introduced the world to NAET, or the Nambudripad Allergy Elimination Technique. Dr. Devi's NAET is an energy-based allergy treatment technique that has a theoretical basis in acupuncture and chiropractic. Let's take a look at Traditional Chinese Medicine so that we might understand the basis of energy-based treatment.

Chinese medicine is a discipline that acknowledges the importance of a special energy, known as chi, in the human body. This energy underlies the function of all our organs and all the systems in our bodies, and it is directly related to proper health. According to Chinese theory, there are pathways of energy known as meridians in the body, and chi needs to flow freely through these pathways so that our bodies may function in a state of good health. Conversely, when chi becomes blocked along the meridians, a state of illness can manifest.

When allergies are defined within the context of Chinese medicine, therefore, they can be explained as blocked energy within the energy meridians of the body. Dr. Nambudripad understood this due to her background in acupuncture, and she used her expertise in chiropractic and nutrition to further develop an effective energy-based allergy treatment system. NAET had thus begun.

The Allergy Kit

How Does Energy-Based Allergy Treatment Work?

The energy-based allergy treatment systems seem to be growing in number. They include NAET (the original energy-based system), Bioset, ASERT, BAX 300, TAT, DNA Allergy Reprogramming, and more. These allergy elimination systems share some basic common characteristics:

• They use muscle response testing to identify allergies

• They are based on Chinese acupuncture theory

• They define allergies as blocked energy within the body

• They eliminate allergies by stimulating various acupressure points on the body

• You need to go to a specially trained physician for treatment

I know what you’re thinking; “why does this article’s title suggest you can do allergy elimination at home?” Good question, and I’m getting to that; I just need to go over the basics of this process first. Let’s take a look at the procedure.

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The Allergy Elimination Procedure

Energy-based doctors usually test you for allergies using kinesiology, or muscle testing. While there are critics of muscle testing, I believe those critics have never experienced muscle testing through a talented kinesiologist or energy-based doctor. Truly, when you experience how accurate this testing can be through a talented physician, it is easy to see the benefits of this procedure.

After your allergies and sensitivities are identified, these doctors will treat one of your allergies, and attempt to “clear” it. To do this, you will hold an allergen in your hand while the doctor stimulates acupressure points along your spine, or points at various other locations on your body. Afterwards, the doctor will muscle test again to see if your allergy (blocked energy) still exists. Many times you are “clear” after just one treatment.

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The Problem with These Treatments

Energy-based allergy treatments have a fairly good track record of success; about 80%. But this also means they have a record of failure which is 20%; so these treatments do not work for about 20% of the people who try them. After some initial success, this author became part of the 20% for whom the treatments failed. In other words, the treatments would initially clear my allergies, but then the allergy would return within several days. Sadly, after trying several different energy-based allergy physicians, the treatments failed and not one of these doctors could tell me why. It felt as though they gave up on me.

My allergy crises escalated to the point where I became allergic to everything, including my own organs and glands. I could barely function, and I survived by giving myself numerous energy-based treatments; between seven and twelve per day. I had one “trick up my sleeve,” however, and that was muscle testing. In order to survive, I became extremely proficient at muscle testing.

Muscle Testing: the art of finding answers

Thanks to my experience with NAET doctors, and through what I learned from a book entitled “Power vs. Force” by Dr. David Hawkins, I started to ask more sophisticated questions during muscle testing. In other words, you can ask a complicated question such as, “why aren’t my energy-based allergy treatments successful,” and through questioning that proceeds in a process of elimination format, you eventually get to the correct answer. I did receive my answer.

The answer was toxins; a special class of toxins that are particularly insidious. These are endocrine disruptor toxins; chemicals that resemble hormones that actually take the place of real hormones in your body. So, they crowd-out your real hormones, impairing your endocrine system and damaging your immune system. These toxins are becoming quite a menace, and you will find information if you do an internet search. You will also find that the U.S. government is currently studying some of these endocrine disruptors; so is Canada. To make a long story short, I performed a whole body detoxification and many of my allergies disappeared. Also, my energy-based treatments started to “hold,” so I had greater success with treating my allergies and sensitivities.

Treating Your Allergies at Home

I certainly wish my NAET practitioners and other energy-based doctors were more knowledgeable about endocrine disruptor toxins; their lack of knowledge may have almost killed me. But after the health crises I endured, I can recommend the following to you:

Do a whole body detoxification before doing energy-based allergy treatments

Try to find an energy-based allergy physician who will treat your allergies in combinations, otherwise you may need so many treatments that it can become cost prohibitive.

Consider learning energy-based allergy elimination yourself. This new at-home allergy kit allows you to do your own allergy elimination at a fraction of the cost of doctor-provided treatments.

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