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When they hear the term allergy elimination, most people still think of immunotherapy, or “allergy shots” that are administered at a physician’s office. This approach treats patients for their environmental allergies by injecting them with small doses of offending substances so that their immune system will eventually become less sensitive to those substances. However, the science of allergy treatment has changed considerably in recent years. Some natural, non-invasive methods are now available that can permanently eliminate both food and environmental allergies.

In the 1980s, Dr. Devi Nambudripad, a chiropractor and acupuncture physician, pioneered an energy-based system of allergy elimination that was based on acupuncture, chiropractic, nutrition, and kinesiology (muscle response testing). In this system, the physician uses muscle testing to identify weaknesses or energy blockages in the body that signify allergies. Then, based on energy pathways in the body known as meridians, the physician stimulates certain acupressure points on the patient’s body in order to release blocked energy and reprogram the body to accept the “allergens” as harmless.

Based on the success of Dr. Nambudripad’s work, the field of energy-based allergy elimination emerged and several innovative physicians published their own unique variations of this novel allergy treatment method. With most of these methods, patients need to visit specially trained physicians at their offices in order to receive allergy testing and treatment. For some patients, however, numerous allergies need to be treated over a period of several months and the treatment cost would rapidly add-up. However, energy-based allergy elimination is evolving, and a few doctors now offer variations of their treatment methods that patients can effectively do by themselves, at home. We’ll take a look at some of these self-treatment methods below.

The Allergy Elimination Kit

allergy elimination kit

Ynge Ljung, AP has been a Acupuncture Physician and alternative health practitioner for many years. Aside from her training in Western ideology, Ynge is a certified practitioner in a wide variety of eastern healing methods, including vibrational healing, Body Talk, and the twelve acupuncture balancing protocols. She is also certified in NAET, or the Nambudripad Allergy Elimination Technique.

Dr. Ynge explains that allergies are physiological mistakes in which the body reacts to harmful substances as though they were a threat. In her allergy treatment practice, Ynge’s energy-based approach expertly corrects this “physiological confusion” and retrains a patient’s body to view allergens as the harmless substances that they really are. The exciting thing about Ynge’s approach is that she has expanded her allergy elimination treatments from the typical “inner sanctum” of the physician’s private office, to a place where she can reach everyone who wants help; her patients‘ homes! She has done this through her specially designed “Allergy Elimination Kit.”

Usually, energy-based treatment methods are used to treat one allergen at a time at a physician’s office. These treatments can be time consuming and expensive. Ynge’s approach is quite innovative, however. Through years of experience achieving positive results with patients, she has found that certain groups of allergies and sensitivities can be successfully treated in combination. Ynge’s allergy kit, therefore, contains just seven treatment vials that represent all of the foods, vitamins, minerals, parasites, chemicals, heavy metals, hormones, and toxins that have proven to be the most troublesome for her patients. These vials are the same ones that energy-based allergy elimination professionals use in their offices; they contain the same vibrational frequency as the allergens they represent and they are very convenient to work with. Patients treat themselves by using the vials in a specific order and stimulating specific acupressure points while holding each vial. It is that simple.

Through a survey included in the allergy kit, clients are enthusiastically reporting positive results. Ynge explains that once a client goes through the allergy elimination kit protocol and many allergies and sensitivities are eliminated, if there is still a food or substance that is creating a problem, that allergy then becomes more apparent since many others were already cleared through the protocol. A custom vial can thus be prepared for clients with any remaining allergies.

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Allergy Antidotes

Dr. Sandi Radomski is a naturopathic physician who originated the Allergy Antidotes system of allergy elimination. She refers to her approach as “energy psychology,” but it seems to fall under the same energy-based allergy treatment classification as BioSET, NAET, and others. Dr. Radomski explains that her treatments help to teach the body that it no longer needs to react negatively to allergens. This is done by stimulating acupuncture points while patients are holding a substance they are allergic to, or thinking about that substance. The energy imbalance, or allergy, is thereby eliminated.

This author has used Dr. Radomski’s allergy elimination techniques and they were found to be quite effective, although not as quick and convenient as the Allergy Elimination Kit above. After trying the above kit and viewing the video provided, you realize that the effective, convenient procedure can be performed in just four minutes.

In her book, Meridian Laser Technique, Dr. Radomski teachers her clients an effective, simple procedure for eliminating their allergies and sensitivities. She offers clients two different, reasonably priced cold lasers that function at 635nm, a frequency that reportedly makes the lasers very effective. Her book outlines a sequence of acupuncture points that clients must stimulate with the laser. These include points on the ears and the head. The client must also tap a specific point on the head with his fingers and also verbally repeat a certain phrase or affirmation about their problem.

One helpful additional feature of Dr. Radomski's Meridian Laser book is a chart that includes the “top 21 reactive foods,” and a list of additional problem substances such as vitamins, minerals, and essential fatty acids. This can help guide clients in choosing the specific allergens they might need to treat.

The Allergy Kit


In her book, “The Food Allergy Cure,” Dr. Ellen Cutler describes her BioSET program as a system that “effectively treats allergies and many health related conditions.” BioSET treats allergies and health conditions by utilizing acupressure, nutrition, enzyme therapy, and detoxification to strengthen the immune system and restore health. When patients experience BioSET through a certified practitioner, they find that the program centers around three areas: a specific acupressure technique that can eliminate allergies and sensitivities; nutrition and the use of enzymes to enhance digestive function; and detoxification through homeopathic remedies. What sets BioSET apart from many other energy-based allergy elimination programs is that patients can actually perform the treatment procedure at home.

Dr. Cutler warns in her book that those individuals who have had severe allergic reactions should not attempt to self-treat their allergies. She explains that patients who have simple food allergies have the most successful experience with BioSET self-care. It also helps if patients have already had conventional allergy testing and they have identified their specific allergens. With those stipulations in mind, Dr. Cutler’s book outlines nineteen specific acupressure points in a diagram that patients can easily stimulate in order to increase the body‘s flow of energy. Patients are instructed to hold their offending allergen in one hand during their stimulation of the nineteen points. The sequence of nineteen points must be stimulated six times for a self-treatment to be completed. If patients have successfully learned to perform muscle testing from Dr. Cutler’s book, they can then muscle test to see if their self-treatment cleared their allergy. If the allergy persists, the procedure can be easily repeated.

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