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Introducing Chinese Medicine


Before we introduce you to the allergy kit, we’d like to explain a bit about Chinese medicine. This will acquaint you with the eastern concept of energy and put our discussion of the kit into the proper perspective.

According to Traditional Chinese medicine, chi is an energy that sustains all living beings and it also is a link that connects everything in our environment. Chinese theory also contends that there are twelve main meridian channels in our bodies through which the chi or “vital energy” flows. It is thought that the meridians have a close relationship to our internal organs, and that these meridians are fundamental to our existence. But just as the meridians play an essential role in our health, illness may be explained in relation to the meridians as well. Illness, within this eastern paradigm, may be seen as “disharmony” in one of the primary meridian channels of the body. So where illness exists, the energy is not flowing properly through these channels in our body.

The Birth of Energy-Based Allergy Treatment

Stay with us now; we’ll get into the allergy kit in just a moment after some more background info. Before Dr. Devi Nambudripad originated energy-based allergy treatment in the 1980s, she was suffering from a severe case of food allergies herself! She was eating a very restricted diet and she was not satisfied with the conventional western treatment of allergies. A trained acupuncturist, Dr. Nambudripad found that if certain points on the body were stimulated while the body was in contact with an allergen, the body would learn to accept the “allergen” as harmless. Dr. Nambudripad established that allergies were actually blocked energy in the body’s energy meridians. Her important discovery has broadened our understanding of illness and it has given us better insight into the metaphysical side of life, where everything is considered to be energy and everything has its own energy signature or vibrational frequency.

Dr. Nambudripad started offering NAET allergy treatments and she trained a network of chiropractors and acupuncturists to administer the treatments as well. Over the years, many more energy-based allergy programs have become available, each of which attempt to improve on naet and vary on the acupressure points that need to be stimulated during the treatment. I’ve used different energy-based approaches and I’ve found that they all tend to do the same thing; they eliminate allergies for about 80% of those who try the treatment.

Introducing The Allergy Kit

allergy kit vials

All the energy-based allergy treatments use specially prepared vials which are small, sealed vials that contain distilled water. The vials are imprinted with the exact energy vibration of the allergens they represent. So, if you are holding a vial that is labeled “dust mites,” that is exactly like holding real dust mites in your hand. A special machine imprints the vials with the energy of any allergen, or any combination of allergens, that the allergy doctors need in order to perform their treatments. These vials last for years as long as you don’t expose them to extreme heat or extreme magnetic fields.

After treating allergy patients with the NAET method for years, Dr. Ynge, the originator of the allergy kit, felt that the original NAET treatments developed by Dr. Nambudripad had some drawbacks. Namely, NAET tends to treat one allergen at a time, it can require many office visits, and it can wind-up being quite expensive. Dr. Ynge felt she could improve upon naet by making the treatments less expensive, less time-consuming, and more convenient because clients can do the treatments at home. Now, about Dr. Ynge’s allergy kit treatments. You receive 7 vials with the kit. Each vial contains a combination of allergens that Dr. Ynge found can be successfully treated together in one convenient treatment. She even offers clients an option that is risk-free, since clients do not have to pay for the kit until they are satisfied and finished with the sequence of treatments in the kit.

The Allergy Kit

To perform the treatments in the allergy kit, clients place a vial against their belly while tapping on specific acupressure points on their bodies. There are about twelve points that must be tapped with your fingers, in sequential order. The treatment process takes about 5 minutes and it’s quite simple. But Dr. Ynge wanted to make the process very easy for her clients to learn, so she did something special. When clients order the kit, they are given a web site URL that takes them to a video that completely illustrates the treatment process. After viewing the video, clients can confidently and easily perform the treatments on themselves or their loved ones. Of course, clients are also given written instructions in a manual that also shows them how to do the treatments. So the kit provides you with everything you need to be successful with the allergy treatments.


Some clients might ask “what happens if I still have an allergy after I finish the treatments?” Excellent question. Clients usually have a very good idea of the allergen that is bothering them. For example, they might say “I get congested whenever I go near my cat,” or they might say “whenever I work in the yard, my nose starts dripping.” Here’s what Dr. Ynge does if this occurs. After you finish the treatments in the kit, if you still have an allergy, you can order a vial for any allergen you want to treat. You already have the knowledge and skill to treat the allergy at home, so all you need is the vial; just order that particular vial and Dr. Ynge will send it to you. But many clients have found that after they finish the treatments in the kit, they no longer have any allergy symptoms.

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The Allergy Kit