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Allergy Relief the Natural Way

Many of us prefer to find allergy relief naturally. Now, natural allergy relief is fully attainable through energy-based treatments. Find-out about the newest developments in the field which allow you to completely eliminate your allergies at home!

The human body has an inherent wisdom when faced with physical challenges. It was designed to deal with health challenges naturally and without the need for drugs, pills, and other pharmaceutical preparations. There is a natural health movement that is moving in this direction, and you can see this as the number of naturopathic doctors, acupuncture physicians, and chiropractors all continue to increase. These specialties observe a premise that the body contains an inborn knowledge and ability with which to heal itself; these are doctors who will help you find allergy relief naturally.

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When you view the prodigious number of television and magazine advertisements about medications, it seems evident that most of our population will pursue allergy relief naturally. Most will choose prescription drugs to deal with their various maladies. This seems particularly true when we are suffering from allergy symptoms. With regard to allergies, however, there is a growing number of naturally oriented doctors that are doing some exceptional work with providing lasting allergy relief for their patients. Early research shows that about 80% of patients who have experienced energy-based allergy treatment have had successful, lasting results. These results are quite exciting when you consider that they include food allergies, a type of allergy that has continued to evade success by traditional allergy doctors.

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Traditional NAET

One treatment that enables us to pursue allergy relief naturally is NAET, or the Nambudripad Allergy Elimination Technique. Dr. Nambudripad developed this treatment approach in the 1980s and has trained hundreds of health professionals to administer this promising energy-based treatment. Energy-based allergy doctors follow a Chinese medicine model in which a type of critical, vital energy is thought to course through the human body through twelve special channels called meridians. When the energy in the meridians is flowing and unobstructed, health and wellness prevails. However, when the vital energy is obstructed or blocked, that is a significant cause of a variety of different illnesses.

The Nambudripad allergy elimination technique, and energy-based treatments that are comparable, have certain tools in common with which they identify and treat allergies and sensitivities. For example, applied kinesiology or muscle response testing is used to identify allergens that are a problem for patients. During this procedure, a patient will extend his arm while holding a potential allergen in his hand. The doctor also has special glass vials that contain the exact energy frequency of many allergens; these are easy to work with for the doctor and patient. The physician will press down on a patient’s wrist area while the patient attempts to resist the downward pressure. If an allergy exists, the patient will have a difficult time holding his arm steady and it will fall to his side. The deltoid muscle in his shoulder weakened when it encountered the energy of the allergen.

Energy-based treatments provide allergy relief by following a similar sequence of steps. After identifying the allergies and sensitivities patient has, an allergy will be treated and hopefully eliminated. During a treatment, an individual will place an allergen vial in contact with his body. The physician will then manipulate points along the spine, or he may stimulate various acupressure points throughout the patient’s body. After the treatment is complete, muscle testing will be performed on the patient again in order to determine whether the energy-based treatment will provide lasting allergy relief. Many times patients’ allergies are successfully eliminated after only one treatment. Moreover, this approach works well with infants and children, since doctors have a way of using a parent as a surrogate during allergy testing and treatment.

Despite its success over the years, some NAET physician's believe that there is a better energy-based approach that will help us to attain allergy relief naturally; a treatment that will make the process easier and more effective for patients. For example, they want to do away with the twenty-five hour avoidance period after each treatment (for children, it's pretty tough to avoid certain foods for that long after a treatment). Also, can several allergens be treated at once, in combination, to make the process faster and more convenient? Find out below.

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Finally, At-Home Allergy Elimination

Recently, there has been a breakthrough development in the field of energy-based allergy treatment, a development that is providing allergy relief naturally for patients in a inexpensive and convenient way. An expert former naet practitioner and acupuncture physician has started to offer an at-home system in which patients can eliminate their allergies and sensitivities at home.

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The Allergy Kit

After years of experience with patients, this former NAET doctor has found that certain groups of allergies can be successfully treated together, in one simple combination treatment. Patients who utilize this program learn a tapping procedure in which special acupressure points are stimulated, and they are provided with a video with which to guide them through the procedure. Allergy vials are provided, and custom vials are available to patients as well. If you’d like a convenient, inexpensive way of eliminating your allergies, while learning the actual skill of energy-based treatment, give this method a try. The doctor even offers this to patients on a risk-free basis! How great is that; lasting allergy relief that is risk free!