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In this discussion on alternative autism treatment we are only reviewing one particular approach to treating autism, and that is the NAET approach. We are limiting our discussion to NAET because we feel it is the most promising, common sense, and effective method of treating autism that is currently available. We have been researching allergies and sensitivities for several years, and we have learned a great deal from our experience as allergy patients. For us, the link between allergies and autism has become quite clear. For Dr. Nambudripad, founder of NAET, that link is also obvious, as she performs scientific research, treats many patients, and deals with autism on a daily basis at her clinic. Let us show you what we have found.

The Traditional View of Autism

The conventional view of autism claims that it is a developmental disorder that affects the functioning of the brain, which usually manifests within the first three years of a child’s life. Characteristics of the disorder include: abnormal social interaction, repetitive behaviors, and unusually restricted interests in the outside world. Autism is also a spectrum disorder, which suggests a wide range of symptoms that have varying effects on the children who are diagnosed. At the mild end of the spectrum, a child with autism will possess language skills but may display odd behaviors. At the severe end of the spectrum, autistic children may lack speech, social skills, and they may engage in self-injurious behaviors.

If you examine the incidence of autism, the details may surprise you, as well as frighten you. Twenty years ago, about one in five thousand children were affected by autism. Things are a bit different today. Now, approximately one in one hundred and fifty children are affected. The disease have devastated families, gotten the attention of the Centers for Disease Control, and has had an economic toll of about 90 billion dollars in the U.S. With a frightening rise in incidence and a tremendous drain on our economy, why are we focusing on a alternative autism treatment? Because it’s the only approach that seems to be able to get to the root cause of autism.


NAET is an allergy elimination system that combines oriental medicine, chiropractic, kinesiology, and nutrition. It views illness and allergies as blockages in the body’s twelve (meridian) energy pathways, and it utilizes muscle response testing in order to identify the substance, or allergens, that cause these energy blockages. Does this sound unusual to you? It did to me as well. But as I personally progressed through the NAET treatments, I saw just how accurately muscle testing identifies allergies, and I experienced relief from some long standing allergies and sensitivities. Now, how does all this relate to alternative autism treatment?

NAET views autism as a nutritional deficiency condition that is characterized by biological, neurological, and developmental issues. Interestingly, the nutritional deficiencies are not cause by failing to ingest enough nutrients as we eat, and this is the key. The deficiencies are caused by allergies; allergies which cause improper absorption and assimilation of vital nutrients that children require in order to develop properly.

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Finally, an Effective Alternative Autism Treatment?

Most of the autism patients that Dr. Nambudripad has seen at her allergy clinic do suffer from allergies and sensitivities. As such, they fall under the category of allergy related autism. Dr. Nambudripad has found that the brains of her autism patients are affected by allergies to substances in nine categories, and that the younger her patients are when she begins her alternative autism treatment, the faster the positive results:

  • Inhalants - such as pollens, smoke, and perfumes
  • Ingestants - such as condiments, drugs, and food additives
  • Contactants - such as soaps, detergents, and chemicals
  • Injectants - such as vaccines, immunizations, and insect venom
  • Infectants - such as viruses or bacteria
  • Physical Agents - such as electromagnetic radiation and fluorescent lights
  • Genetic Factors -
  • Molds and Fungi
  • Emotional Factors - originating from sudden fears or frightening sights

Naet Alternative Autism Treatment Protocol

As this alternative autism treatment begins, neuromuscular sensitivity testing (muscle testing) is utilized by naet practitioners in order to identify the substances that patients are allergic to. This testing can be combined with conventional allergy testing such as the RAST. After allergens are identified, acupressure is administered to the patient while he or she is in contact with the offending substance or allergen. Energetic vials are used for this purpose, as they contain the exact energy imprint of the allergens they represent. Finally, after the treatment is administered, the patient must avoid the substance they were treated for, and they must observe that avoidance period for twenty five hours. During this time, the patient’s brain is imprinting a new memory in which their immune system is learning that the formerly offending allergen is now safe and harmless.

Although this type of medical treatment may be new to you, bear in mind that NAET has been around for about thirty years and it has helped thousands of patients with the elimination of their allergies. Dr. Nambudripad does not claim to help everyone, however. She states that naet has a track record of helping about 80% of patients who undergo the procedure.

The Allergy Kit

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