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Bee pollen is a substance composed of grains of pollen that are gathered by bees. It is an extremely nutritious food for people in that it contains many elements needed by the human body, such as amino acids, vitamins, enzymes, fatty acids, human growth hormone, and antibiotic substances. Indeed, the Scientists in Belgium and France have confirmed this “food from the beehive” as a complete provision that is “rare and precious in its nutritive compounds.”

The protein content of this honeybee generated food is greater than most other foods we regularly eat, and it contains the types of protein our bodies require since we don’t manufacture these proteins within our bodies. When we consume bee pollen, it immediately begins to regulate and invigorate the metabolism by supplying the body with many nutritional substances if might be lacking.

The vitamins found in honeybee pollen are in high concentration and promote the various body processes so that cell tissue growth occurs at a consistently healthy rate. Glucosides, the natural sugars that combine fructose and glucose, help to provide the body with energy. Enzymes such as phosphatase, amylase and diastase, are used by the body to promote metabolism and to turn food into youth building elements. This wonderful bee food also stimulates the body glands which releases natural hormones, making up for the lack of endocrine activity. Antibiotic factors are present in this food that regulate the intestinal region and neutralize toxins found in the body.

Digestive Benefits

If an individual is having digestive problems, a natural way to resolve some of the issues is to take bee pollen. This bee generated food consists of an inverted sugar which means it does not ferment in the digestive tract. It can be quickly absorbed by the system, it can fight bacteria, and it can calm the infected or inflamed area of the body.

Honeybee pollen is also a quick acting source of muscular energy which allows the digestive system to heal rapidly and also consume up to four times as much glycogen which further boosts digestive system functioning. This rapid enhancement in digestive functioning can increase an individual’s metabolism (increasing the speed sugars are broken down, etc) which may lead to weight loss.

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Fighting Allergies

As you probably know, pollen is a source of allergic reactions for many people. Although it seems like an blatant contradiction, ingesting bee pollen can actually aid an individual in building immunity to this normally inhaled substance. Pollen allergies are usually caused by breathing-in anemophilous pollens. Bee pollen, on the other hand, contains entomophilous pollens which can help build this needed immunity by creating a barrier against inhaled pollens.

Bee pollens are usually heavier and stickier than the typically inhaled pollens and therefore will not be readily carried by the wind . During the pollen collection process, bees will release nectar and saliva in the mix which helps to neutralize any potential allergic components. It is suggested by much of the literature on allergies that by adding one teaspoon of honeybee pollen to your diet, effective resistance to airborne pollen allergies can be developed. However, it is often recommended that the honeybee pollen you choose to eat should be collected from your local geographic area. Also, research indicates that when you start your honeybee pollen supplementation before allergy season begins, its allergy-fighting effects are enhanced.

Prostate Health

Male prostate disorders can occur at any time in one’s life but are more commonly found in middle aged men. Most disorders associated with the prostate are due to an enlargement which results in the man requiring to urinate frequently. In severe cases where the prostate gland has become acutely enlarged, urine may be left in the bladder after urination which can cause bacteria and infection. In several studies around the world, bee pollen has been found to stop excessive growth of the prostate and even promote the healing of this gland.

As mentioned above, honeybee pollen contains a marvelous array of health promoting nutrients, and this includes magnesium which is needed to nurture the prostate gland. This amazing pollen also contains fatty acids which are required to create hormones that stimulate the prostate, and it contains zinc which is needed to nourish the sex glands and testicles.


If an individual is concerned with wrinkles and older looking skin, bee pollen may be able to help. Doctors in Europe have found that this bee generated food can help to control acne problems, ease the appearance of wrinkles, and stimulate the growth of new skin. These doctors prescribe lotions containing honeybee pollen to help patients with these problems. Apparently, this beneficial food contains high concentrations of nucleic acids (RNA and DNA) which when applied as a lotion will penetrate the skin and rejuvenate the skin cells and tissues. Additionally, there is at least one well known Asian formula for anti-aging that contains honeybee pollen, orange, ginseng, and honey.

The Allergy Kit


Bee pollen is a natural food that we can ingest to help heal and rejuvenate the body. It comes in many colors and tastes so that options exist for individuals to experiment, explore, and find what suits them best. For optimal results, honeybee pollen should be taken prior to eating a meal as it has been shown to be more quickly assimilated at that time. Other suggestions for taking this natural food include: taking the prescribed amount with fresh fruit or juice, sprinkling the grains onto yogurt, mixing it with honey or jam, and adding it to a blended fruit drink. Perhaps the most important suggestion would be to choose a regular time to take this remarkable food and stick with the program for best results.

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