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Bioset, or Bioenergetic Sensitivity and Enzyme Therapy, is an energy-based allergy elimination method that is based on Chinese medicine and acupuncture principles. Originated by Dr. Ellen Cutler, this allergy elimination method views the body holistically, similar to the Chinese approach. This view accepts the fact that there is an energy system in the human body that is separate from the cardiovascular system and nervous system. This system, which is comprised of “meridians,” has everything to do with the way the body maintains its overall health.

According to Bioset and other energy-based allergy elimination techniques, allergies and illnesses occur when the flow of energy in our meridians becomes interrupted. One author who supports this approach is Dr. Richard Chin. In his book “Energy Within” (1992), Dr. Chin wrote “pain or illness results when the flow of energy becomes blocked or unbalanced in some way, because this disharmony then upsets the balance of the body’s entire energy system” (p. 42).

Those who know a bit of biochemistry will understand that everything is comprised of energy. Every cell in a human body or even a physical building is in motion and part of a energy “wave.” The rhythms, frequencies, wavelengths, and electrical charges of vibrating energy waves are what creates the various forms of physical matter. Frequencies in the body, however, can become misaligned whereby energy blockages occur. Blocked energy, therefore, is responsible for allergies and illness. Bioset attempts to release blocked energy and “clear” food and environmental allergies. In many cases, Bioset practitioners permanently eliminate allergies in their patients.

Bioset combines three areas of focus in order to return patients to wellness:

• Allergy testing through muscle testing or a computerized device

• Enzyme therapy to improve digestion and correct nutritional deficiencies

• Organ detoxification

Bioset Allergy Testing


Bioset practitioners utilize Maridian Stress Assessment (MSA), for allergy testing, or they may use muscle testing (applied kinesiology), two non-invasive techniques that are both safe and reliable. MSA is computerized device that detects energy variations in the body. Also called electrodermal screening, This approach utilizes Chinese meridian theory to dectect electrical changes on acupuncture points of a patient’s hands.

Muscle testing, the second technique used by Bioset practitioners, identifies blockages in a patient’s electromagnetic energy field when a patients is holding a specific allergen. During this procedure, patients may be lying down or sitting while they extend one arm out horizontally. In the other hand, a patient will hold a food, an allergen, or a vial containing the energetic vibration of a specific allergen. The practitioner pushes down on the wrist of the patient’s extended arm while the patients attempts to resist the downward pressure. If the patient is allergic to the substance he is holding, the indicator muscle (usually the deltoid muscle in the shoulder) will weaken and the patient’s arm will drop.

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The Allergy Elimination Technique

Most people recognize Dr. Devi Nambudripad, the originator of NAET, as the inventor or energy-based allergy elimination. NAET utilizes pressure on various acupressure points, while a patient is holding a specific allergen, to eliminate allergies in patients. After an NAET treatment, patients are told to completely avoid an allergen for twenty five hours; they may not touch or ingest the allergen for which they were just treated. I can tell you from personal experience, the 25 hour avoidance component of NAET treatments is sometimes very difficult for patients to endure.

Dr. Cutler's system is considered by some to be an improvement over Dr. Nambudripad’s NAET. Dr. Cutler of Bioset uses glass vials to represent various allergens, but these vials are 30X energetic carriers of allergens and they are manufactured by homeopathic suppliers. Like NAET, these patients also have acupressure points stimulated while holding an allergen vial in their hand, but they hold a blood vial as well (a vial representing the energy signature of their own blood).

A major improvement in Dr. Cutler's method is that patients do not have to undergo a twenty-five hour elimination period after their treatments. I am not sure if the 30X homeopathic vials are responsible for this improvement, or perhaps there is a difference in the acupressure points that are stimulated on patients. However, the lack of an avoidance period after treatments (after a series of acupressure points are stimulated) is a welcome relief for many patients.

The Allergy Kit

The Bioset Protocol

Within the heart of the Bioset system is a specific sequence of testing and treatments that are administered before allergens are treated. The initial testing sequence is as follows:

Level 1: Balancing the body

• Blood

• Organs

• Glands

• Immune factors

• enzymes

Level 2: Clearing foods

• Amino acids

• Phenolics and biochemicals

• Minerals

• Vitamin C

• B vitamins

• Sugars

• Vitamin A, vitamin E, and fatty acids

• Vitamin D

• Vitamin K

• Hormones

Patients are first tested for their own blood, since many individuals are allergic to immune factors in their blood. Next, vital organs and glands are tested since it is often impossible to clear a specific allergy until the body’s organs are balanced for “cleared.” Next, the immune system is tested. This includes: white blood cells, antibodies, immune mediators, lymphocytes, macrophages, bone marrow, and lymph nodes. The final part of this initial testing phase is the digestive enzymes. Patients are tested for: amylase, protease, lipase, cellulase, maltase, pepsin, and others. Level two testing and treatment can begin after enzymes are completed.

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My Personal Results

I have been treated by three NAET doctors, and they have helped me to a certain extent. They start by testing you and treating the “basic” items, which include: proteins, calcium, vitamin C, B-complex, sugars, iron, vitamin A, trace minerals, sodium chloride, corn, grains, artificial sweeteners, caffeine group, nuts, spices, fats, yeast group, vegetable proteins (beans), alcohol, gums, gelatin, starches, food colors, food additives, stomach acids, digestive enzymes, hormones pesticides, parasites, chemicals, fabrics, and bacteria.

It seems that when my food allergies became severe, the NAET doctors didn’t know what to do for me. I had become allergic to almost every organ in my body, plus the essential elements of protein, which include: nitrogen, carbon, oxygen, sulfur, and hydrogen. When experiencing an allergy attack, my symptoms were so severe that I could not stand and walk a straight line at times. Fortunately, I found Dr. Cutler’s book, The Food Allergy Cure, and I felt as though I could now move forward with my allergy treatment. Take a look at her book below:

The Allergy Kit

As you saw above, the Bioset treatment protocol tests for all the items in “level 1” (including the patient's blood) and “level 2.” Of particular interest to me are the organs in level 1. After reading Dr. Cutler's book, when I found that I was allergic to my own blood, I knew that Dr. Cutler had a brilliant program and I decided to take myself through the entire protocol. Again, my allergies are severe, but I am already doing better thanks to Dr. Cutler's book. I can not say if Bioset will completely eliminate all my allergies (I have had several hundered), but I am encouraged with the results I am achieving thus far.

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