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Air Purifiers: do they spell "relief"


An unbiased consumer report air purifiers. Objective consumer ratings and air purifier reviews of the top products, including: AirFree Air Sterilizer, Allerair air purifiers, Austin Air-air purifiers, Biozone air purifiers, Blueair purifiers, Clarifier air purifiers, Electrolux air purifier, Friedrich air purifier, Air Oasis air purifiers, Hunter Air Cleaners, Oreck Purifier, Sharp Plasma Cluster air purifier, Sharper Image Air Purifiers. Started 2005, updated 2010.

Face it, the air quality inside your house is poor; up to 100 times dirtier than the air outside! What happens when you breathe this poor quality air containing mold spores, dust particle, pollen, pet dander, smoke, and bacteria? You become afflicted with allergy symptoms, asthma, sinus issues, ear infections, headaches, nausea, and respiratory infections. The problem is clear; there are about 50 million Americans who suffer from allergies and asthma, and this equates to millions of doctor visits per year!

Clearly, people are looking for relief. They need relief from their allergy symptoms, natural relief that doesn’t cause the dependence and harmful side-effects of prescription medication. In our view, there are excellent, effective options for improving your air quality and making your home environment free of allergens. Thus, we give you this practical consumer report air purifiers so you can make an educated choice.

Our search for the finest air cleaning appliance is complete. Below, we provide you with reviews of some of the top choices on the market, and a complete resource guide that will help make your buying decision an intelligent one. Here in this consumer report air purifiers, air cleaners are discussed in detail, bogus claims are exposed, and consumer tips are provided so you can shop with confidence.

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Air Purifiers: why do we need them?

Believe it or not, you DO have an air purifier in your home...even if you don’t have a store bought air cleaner, then the air purifier is YOU! Have you ever considered that your lungs could be your only air filter at home? Well, this is true for the greater majority of households.

The airborne contaminants and allergens that circulate through each room in your home eventually settle on floors, furniture, table surfaces, and... your lungs! That is, unless you are using an air purifier. So what exactly are the dangerous substances floating around your home? Continue with our consumer report air purifiers below.

Medical experts concur that the substances circulating in your air include:

• Microbes: germs, viruses, bacteria, and mold spores

• Odors: cigarette smoke, litter boxes, cooking, body, and pets

• Gases and Chemical Fumes (volatile organic compounds - VOC’s): benzene, cigarette smoke, formaldehyde, nail treatment products, etc.

• Particulates: allergens, dust, dust mites, pollen, pet dander, particles in smoke

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Air Purifier Ratings

How do air purifiers eliminate pollutants and clean the air? It depends on the unit you purchase and its filtration, or combination of technologies, that the machine utilizes.

The air purification systems we compare in this consumer report air purifiers accomplish the removal of indoor pollutants using any of the following technologies: mechanical devices with hepa filters, ionic generators, ozone purifiers, carbon devices, hydroxyl radical purifiers, and UV light devices. We’ve prepared this information for you in a convenient chart format so you can quickly learn the differences among these machines and the objective rating we’ve assigned to each purifier product based on its features.

We are going to examine several important factors in the following air purifiers and assign each unit with a consumer report air purifier rating from level 1 to 6, where a 6 reports our highest rating. Keep in mind that some manufacturers produce several different units with varying features and prices. We have provided air purifier ratings of the introductory model of each manufacturer:

AirFree Air Sterilizer, Allerair air purifiers, Austin Air-air purifiers, Biozone air purifier, Blueair purifiers, Clarifier air purifiers, Electrolux air purifier, Friedrich air purifier, Hamilton Beach air purifiers, Oreck Air Purifier, Sharp Plasma Cluster air purifier.

Comsumer Report Air Purifiers
Name of Purifier Removes Allergens (dust, pollen, mold spores) Removes Bacteria Removes Odors Removes Viruses & Germs Removes Cigarette Smoke Removes Chemical Fumes Price Rating (1-6)
Airfree Air Sterilizer some Yes no Yes no some around $300 3
AllerAir Hepa Yes some models Yes some models Yes some starts around $400 4.5
Austin Air Yes no Yes no some some starts around $250 3
Blueair 450E Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Some around $500 5.5
Clarifier Yes some models Yes some models Yes Yes start around $600 5
Electrolux Electrostatic Some some no Yes Yes no around $400 3
Friedrich Air Purifier some no some no some some around $500 2
Air Oasis Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes some starts around $300 5.5
Oreck XL® Purifier Yes Yes Optional Yes Yes no about $300 4
Sharp Plasma Cluster Yes no Yes no Yes Yes around $300 4
Sharper Image some optional some optional Yes some around $350 2.5
Hunter Quietflo Yes no some no Yes some around $275 3

Editor's Choice - Blueair 450E Digital

In the above consumer comparison, two air purifiers featured a high, outstanding rating; that was the Blueair 450E Digital and the Air Oasis. The Blueair 450E Digital with HEPASilent technology is our clear favorite.

The Blueair combines two filter types that deliver a superior amount of filtered air more quickly. Moreover, this unit accomplishes this very quietly. In addition, there are some very convenient features that we especially like: a remote control that is very easy to use and operates from more than 15 feet away, a digital display feature that explains the amount/type of particles being identified, and an automatic mode that allows the unit to regulate its own speed. Also, the filter efficiency is very high, 99.97 of 0.1 micron particles, and there is absolutely no ozone emission from this unit.

The Allergy Kit