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About Your Free Allergy Treatment Technique

We developed our allergy treatment through the experience we’ve gained by being an allergy patient for several years. However, we are not talking about the traditional allergy patient who goes to a family doctor or allergist and receives a prescription or is subjected to years of painful injections. We are not talking about all the things you would normally associate with conventional allergy treatment. For example, our treatment does not involve:

  • Elimination Diets
  • Allergy Medication
  • Allergy Shots
  • Allergy Specialists
  • Immunotherapy
  • Antihistamines
  • nasal Sprays
  • Vitamins and Minerals

None of the above. Our allergy treatment is based on energy medicine; the kind of medicine that has its roots in ancient Chinese thought. There is no need to discuss acupuncture, meridians, chi, or acupressure points on this page. Let’s not complicate things. We will say that, based on Chinese holistic medicine, illness is stuck energy in the body. Granted, the type of energy we are talking about is not recognized in our western culture. It’s the type of energy recognized by natural healers, chi gong and tai chi practitioners, martial artists, and acupuncturists. It’s a type of energy that is undergoing a growing acceptance in our culture.

There’s an important point I’d like to make. The energy-based allergy doctors rely a great deal upon muscle testing in order to diagnose allergies, and some of these doctors are quite gifted in this skill. I am very fortunate to have learned this technique from my doctors, and it came to me quite naturally. Over a period of five years, I not only used muscle testing to diagnose my allergies (and those of my loved ones), I used it to guide me in the formulation of an energy-based allergy treatment that I call the Five Point Tap.

The beauty of my approach is in its simplicity and its effectiveness. Of course, it’s also rather nice for you that it is completely free. Some of you may see that this approach bears a resemblance to EFT, or the Emotional Freedom Technique. I have tried EFT and I greatly respect this natural healing method, but I found it cumbersome to administer. The approach we bring you here is quick, simple, and effective.

The Theory Behind This Treatment

Have you heard about NAET, or the Nambudripad Allergy Elimination Technique? Or perhaps you’ve run across Bioset, another allergy elimination approach practiced by holistic doctors in the U.S. and several other countries. These are natural allergy treatments that are based on energy medicine, and they are administered by various types of physicians, chiropractors, and health practitioners. These doctors view allergies within the theory we mentioned above; illness and allergies are stuck energy in the body. Moreover, many of these doctors have thriving practices and their allergy treatments are successful for about 80% of their patients. I was one of these patients.

NAET and Bioset worked for me for a while. For example, I couldn’t drink milk for years due to a casein allergy, but after this natural allergy treatment I could enjoy milk again to my heart’s content. The same with eggs, corn, and many other foods I had been avoiding. When you examine how this treatment works, it almost seems too simple. Once again, these doctors take the view that there is a vital energy in the body that needs to flow freely, and that good health results when this energy is unobstructed.


Energy Based Allergy Treatment

How do these holistic physicians perform their energy based allergy treatments? They manipulate acupressure points on the body in order to release stuck energy. See, I told you it was simple. Well, O.K., there’s a bit more to it than that. Depending on what you’re allergic to, the doctor has you hold your allergen in your hand while he manipulates acupressure points along your spine. Actually, the doctor has you hold an energy frequency vial, or a vial that has the identical vibrational frequency of the real allergen. Therefore, the doctor has you hold your allergen and simultaneously manipulates some of your acupressure points in order to free-up energy that has become obstructed. For many people, that is all that’s required to eliminate their allergies.

I learned some important things from these natural allergy treatment approaches:

  • Paying $60 per treatment adds-up to quite a bit, especially if you require several months of treatments
  • The doctor usually treats just one allergy per visit
  • Insurance usually doesn't cover these treatments
  • If a treatment isn't successful, the doctor will usually retreat the allergy at the patient's expense
  • The 24 hour avoidance period after naet is quite difficult for many patients
  • Patients have to endure a regimen of beginning treatments before they get to treat the allergens that really bother them
  • If you have a combination allergy (e.g., milk and casein) and you only treat one part of that combination (e.g., milk), then your allergy will keep returning until you treat both parts of the combination together

Aside from the negative factors above, I didn’t like paying $60 for a treatment that was so simple. You just hold a vial or allergen while someone taps points on your spine. Actually, I consider the doctor's muscle testing skill as the valuable component of the treatment. He uses that skill to identify your allergies and to ascertain whether your treatment was successful.

Another thing that bothered me about my naet treatments was the fact that the energy frequency vials the doctors use are not really necessary. How do I know that? I once had an allergy for which the doctor could not locate his proper vial; he didn’t have a vial representing my allergen and that would have delayed my treatment. He told me, “no problem, just write the name of the allergen on this paper and we’ll treat it.” You see, if you write the word “casein” (milk protein) on paper, it has the same energy signature as that of real casein, and it has the same energy signature as that of the doctor’s energy frequency vial! So, my doctor proceeded with the treatment.

There you have it. If you wouldn’t like paying $60 per visit for energy-based allergy treatments, and if you can write the name of your allergen on a small piece of index card, then I believe this natural allergy treatment will be worth a try for you. Besides, you have an opportunity to learn the valuable skill of allergy elimination; a skill you will have now and in the future.

There’s something you should know about doing these treatments properly. You need to be careful about the words you write on your treatment cards, and this may take a bit of homework for you to get this right. For example, if you are allergic to cats, you are not really allergic to the whole cat; you are most likely allergic to a specific part of cats called “Fel D1.” Your treatment will be more successful if you use the word, Fel D1 on your piece of index card. Likewise if you are allergic to milk, you are more specifically allergic to casein, or milk protein, or perhaps whey, another milk protein, so you should write “casein” or “whey” on your allergy treatment (index) card. In addition, if you think you are allergic to dust mites, you may also be allergic to dust mite excrement, a very common allergen. In that case you would need to do a treatment for “dust mites,” and another treatment for “dust mite excrement.” You may also benefit from doing a combination treatment involving two allergens together; “dust mites” and “dust mite excrement.” Simply write both words on your allergy treatment card and do the procedure. Speaking of the procedure, let’s get to it!

Don't forget to check-out our "Foods and their Degree of Allergenicity" chart at the end of this page...

A Word of Caution

If you have severe allergies or a history of anaphylactic reactions, do NOT try this allergy treatment. If you do have severe allergies and insist on pursuing energy based allergy treatments, speak with a professional NAET or Bioset doctor, who will determine your level of risk associated with the procedure and may decide to treat you through a surrogate.

The Allergyescape Five Point Tap


Before we present the procedure we'd like to say a word about prayer. We completely agree with Dr. Alexander Loyd's statement in his book, The Healing Code. He says "we urge you to make prayer your primary focus (p. 218), and "over and over it has been proven that prayer helps people heal-even if they don't pray themselves but are prayed for by others (p. 217). I believe this and confirmed it through muscle testing; prayer makes energy treatment more effective.

Here's the free procedure that may allow you to eliminate all types of allergies and sensitivities just like the professionals do. :

Tapping Sequence One

1. Write the name of your allergen on a small piece of index card.
2. Place the piece of index card against your lower belly (I use my underwear band to hold it in place).
3. Optional Prayer– Although this step is optional, muscle testing indicates it will significantly improve the effectiveness of your treatment; Say the following, “I pray to God (or the Creator) that the following treatment will be successful and permanent.”
4. Using your index finger and middle finger, tap 25 times on the “top of the head” point.
5. Using the same fingers, tap 25 times on the “below the nose” point.
6. Tap 25 times on the “below the collarbone” point.
7. Tap 25 times on the “above the foot” point. Please note this point is on the 'inside' part of the leg (the part facing your other leg).
8. Tap 25 times on the “thumb-index finger web.”

Go To Tapping Sequence Two!

Tapping Sequence Two

1. Repeat the tapping sequence above, #4-8, but this time hold your breath while you are tapping each point.
2. Stop tapping. Keep the piece of index card against your belly. Relax and breathe for 15 minutes.
3. Remove the card; you are done!

Information Disclaimer

If You're Having Difficulty

Allergies are a complicated subject. It takes considerable effort and time to become familiar with this field of study, the infinate types of allergens, and the variety of places and foods that contain hidden allergens that are hard to detect. Even when you have learned all you possibly can, you then need an accurate method of testing for and identifying allergies, sensitivities, and intolerances. I believe muscle response testing to be that accurate and reliable method, however I’ve found that most people do not successfully learn to muscle test. So, what can you do if you are having trouble with the above self-treatment method?

There is a new allergy treatment product available that allows you to treat yourself in the comfort of your own home. It is fast, painless, and treats allergens in special combinations so you can finish the treatment process rather quickly. This product provides you with the allergy frequency vials you need for treatment, and it contains a video that enables you to learn the self-treatment quickly and easily. Take a look at this treatment breakthrough:

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Most Common Allergenic Foods

We realize you are proceeding with self-administered allergy elimination without the benefit of muscle testing to identify your allergies. Without a doubt, this puts you at a disadvantage. We are providing you with a food allergen chart, below, that may help you identify some of the foods you are reacting to. This information is from Allergy Relief & Prevention, by Frances Taylor, Jacqueline Krohn, and Erla Mae Larson, 2000, p. 106.

Foods and their Degree of Allergenicity
Most Common Allergens Common Allergens Sometimes Allergens Seldom Allergens
Corn Alcohol Alfalfa Apricot
Eggs Apple Amaranth Beet
Milk Bacon Banana Carrot
Soy Beans Barley Cranberry
Sugar Beef Celery Grape
Wheat Berries Cherry Honey
Yeast Buckwheat Chicken lamb
Cheese Chilies Peach
Chocolate Cloves Rabbit
Cinnamon Cottonseed Salmon
Coconut Garlic Salt
Coffee Lobster Squash
Fish Melon Sweet Potato
Lettuce Mushroom Tapioca
Mustard Oat Taro Root
Nuts Oysters Tea
Onion Pear Vanilla
Orange Peppers Grape
Peanut Pineapple
Peas Plums/prunes
Pork Quinoa
Potato Rice
Raisin Sesame Seed
Rye Spices
Shrimp Spinach
Tomato Strawberry