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Immediately find the answers to your allergy related questions and concerns. FAQs relating to NAET and energy treatments, Erchonia Laser, allergy elimination, how to find an allergy practitioner near you, leaky gut, and parasites.

what's the first thing I should do to eliminate my allergies?

Dr. Hulda Clark's work was a real eye opener to me. Her book taught me why naet and other energy treatments were not completely working for me. This amazing book teaches you about the parasites that relate to specific diseases and gut permeability:

...and after receiving help from an expert kinesiologist, Dr. Steven Rochlitz, I now understand how pollutants, parasites, and candida can destroy one's health and cause severe intestinal permeability (leaky gut). Dr. Rochilitz accurately identified, in minutes, 5 parasites that I was infected with...after a traditional medical lab failed to do so.

To answer your question, I would read Dr. Clark's book (above). Then I'd find a good kinesiologist who can identify "critters" that are infecting your body. Finally, you can do energy-related allergy treatments to eliminate your allergies.

how do I find an NAET doctor in my area?

Dr. Nambudripad offers a wealth of information on her web site. Simply go to: on "find a practitioner" and do a geographic search to find a doctor near you.

which doctors use the Erchonia Laser in my area?

Unfortunately, there is no published directory that will tell you which allergy practitioners use the Erchonia laser. However, don’t worry; traditional NAET works for about eighty percent of patients who try it.

what am I allergic to?

Unfortunately I can’t tell you the things you are allergic to. I would advise you to study muscle testing so you can identify your own food and environmental allergies. Then there won’t be any guess work involved anymore; you can simply and accurately identify your allergies using a simple non-invasive test.

Through muscle testing, you may be able to identify your allergies with a surprising degree of accuracy, the way I do. I learned muscle testing through my own naet doctors and also through a kinesiologist. You may learn by doing the same, or by viewing our new muscle testing tutorial. You can also take a “Touch For Health” class:

what vitamins will help my allergies?

For congestion and post nasal drip, you may find that quercetin helps. You can find it at the health food store in a form mixed with bioflavonoids, or it is sold with no other ingredients added.

how can I eliminate my own allergies?

If you've browsed my web site you know that energy-oriented allergy treatments have been very successful for me. Of course you can run-up quite a medical bill pursuing these treatments.

I recently discovered a doctor who offers a free download that teaches you how to eliminate your own allergies. I've been using his simple method and it works great. If you already know what your food allergies are (if you’ve already been tested) and you would like to try andeliminate them yourself, I encourage you to go to: "cure your own allergies in minutes." I highly recommend it.

can NAET help my pet?

NAET doctors will treat your dog or cat. They identify the pet’s allergy by using you, the owner, as the surrogate. In other words, you hold your pet while the doctor performs a muscle test on you. I have found it to be quite accurate. The doctor then treats you while you are holding your pet.

what if NAET does not work for me?

Some doctors/authors claim that when you suffer from leaky gut syndrome, any help you get from naet or other energy treatments will be very brief. That’s because things like candida, parasites, and heavy metal poisoning can have damaging affects on your intestines; they can trigger gastrointestinal permeability. This can be the underlying cause of food allergies. I’d recommend that you see a good kinesiologist or alternative physician who can have you tested and then recommend natural products to destroy the harmful “critters” in your gut.

An important note. Since medical labs may not do a very good job with identifying parasites, a good kinesiologist can sometimes be the best type of practitioner to identify parasites & candida. I speak from experience. My kinesiologist found five parasites that were not detected by the lab.

Thanks to Dr. Rochlitz's help, I’m taking a special combination of herbs to kill the “critters” so my gut permeability will finally be a thing of the past.

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