Muscle Testing: the miracle skill that saved my life!

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Muscle Testing and NAET


My introduction to muscle testing came from several doctors who performed NAET, or the Nambudripad Allergy Elimination Technique. At first, I had trouble believing that this skill was real; rather, it seemed like some mysterious magic trick. I held a homeopathic allergen vial in my hand, extended my arm out horizontally, and the doctor pushed down on my arm. When I was allergic to the energy in the vial, my arm dropped like a stone; I simply could not control my arm! The doctor then “cleared” my allergy using a special spinal adjustment that he performed while I held the allergen vial in my hand.

Naet worked fine for a while, and at $50 per treatment it seemed like a reasonable way to eliminate my allergies. Muscle testing indicated that I was allergic to milk protein, eggs, and a few other foods, so I figured that my NAET doctor would soon eliminate all my allergies. I was allergy-free for a while, but several years later my food-related allergies were spiraling out of control. Amazingly, I had become allergic to every vitamin, mineral, amino acid, and most foods accept for vegetables and white rice. If this wasn’t bad enough, I had become allergic to my own organs; this is a accepted phenomenon with NAET doctors, but it is something that mainstream medicine doesn‘t really acknowledge.

Health Crises

It had taken over ten years for my allergies to reach this crises stage. My symptoms were now so severe that I had become extremely weak, frequently disoriented, and sometimes disabled from severe headaches. I desperately needed a solution to this dilemma, but I felt that NAET had given up on me; in fact my doctor told me, “you now know more than me about how to perform NAET.” Out of necessity and due to my disappointment with NAET, I started practicing muscle testing (kinesiology) to identify my numerous food allergies on a daily basis. My wife and I became quite proficient at diagnosing allergies this way. Moreover, In order to treat my own allergies, I began to use Dr. Jimmy Scott’s method, “Cure Your Own Allergies in Minutes,” which is available as a free download on his web site.

Kinesiology worked flawlessly for diagnosing my allergies, but my allergy treatments were not “holding.“ They would last between two and five days, and the allergies would return. I was therefore a prisoner of my allergies, as my life revolved around a constant routine of kinesiology and treating my allergies. After consulting with two different family physicians, a gastrointestinal specialist, a well known kinesiologist, and an additional NAET doctor, I was told there was nothing wrong with me; all my tests were normal. My doctors did acknowledge, however, that I had hundreds of food-related allergies and combination allergies that required about ten daily naet type treatments, while one of my doctors told me I was a “universal reactor,” or someone who is allergic to everything.

Advanced Muscle Testing

In the middle of my health crises, I discovered Dr. David Hawkins’ book, Power vs. Force; a book about muscle testing. Dr. Hawkins conducted extensive scientific studies and found that certain people could ask questions and receive accurate answers through kinesiology. It seems that Dr. Hawkins takes a metaphysical view of kinesiology, in which all things in life are thought to be connected, and all events that transpire seem to be written into a vast “database” that can actually be accessed by certain individuals. Kinesiology, it seems, can be the key that unlocks this database. Although skeptical about Dr. Hawkins‘ theory, I attempted to expand my use of muscle testing in order to improve my health.

I explained earlier that the NAET doctor performs muscle response testing by having a patient hold an allergen vial in his hand while that patient extends his other arm horizontally. The doctor then exerts pressure down on the extended arm. I found that this method is fine if a patient has a few allergies only, but I now had hundreds of allergies and combination allergies so I needed a faster, more practical way to muscle test. I therefore broke my allergies down into manageable categories and simply asked questions, without holding individual vials in my hand; according to Dr. Hawkins, muscle response testing could be performed this way. For example, amino acids were a persistent allergy for me so I wrote two columns of amino acids on paper as follows:

Column one: carnitine, cystine, guanidine, hydroxyproline, leucine, phenylalanine, threonine, valine, arginine, cysteine, glycine, lysine, ornithine, proline, taurine

Column two: citrulline, glutamine, histidine, isoleucine, methyl guanidine, thiosinamine, tryptophan, alanine, aspartic acid, glutei acid, histamine, methionine, ornithine asparate, serine, tyrosine

Then, referring to the two columns of amino acids on my paper, I stated “I am allergic to an amino acid in the left column.” This advanced method proved to be very accurate, as my arm would remain strong to indicate “yes,” or it would go weak to indicate “no.” If I received a yes, then I’d individually muscle response test for the items in that column until I found the allergy that was making me ill. In the vast majority of tests, I would treat the allergy that was identified using Dr. Jimmy Scott’s method and the symptoms would be gone in less than fifteen minutes (although the allergy would only be relieved for a few days).

Even with this advanced method of kinesiology, I was still gravely ill, as several allergies would surface after each meal and I needed to be tested and treated constantly. Now armed with advanced muscle response testing, however, I decided to search for the root cause of my allergies. Keep in mind, though, that since muscle response testing only responds to “yes” and “no” questions, you have to know what questions to ask in order to receive the answers you’re looking for. In other words, I studied a great deal, spoke to doctors, and learned as much as possible in order to ask intelligent questions.

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Finding the Underlying Cause


My doctors had taught me that there were only a few things that could cause allergies as severe as mine: heavy metal toxicity, parasites, or a systemic candida infection. I muscle-tested for each item and found lead and arsenic in my system. I found no parasites because I had eliminated them two years earlier, and I found no candida infection in my gut. I was not surprised by the candida results, since my gastrointestinal doctor had me do a stool sample analysis about six months earlier and the results were negative.

I ordered a laboratory test for heavy metals and it confirmed the lead and arsenic, which I eliminated with chelation therapy. Sadly, however, my allergies did not subside. I was still doing about ten NAET type treatments per day so that I could keep eating. I was still becoming disoriented, dizzy, nauseous, and weak, and going to work each day was becoming a monumental ordeal. I was almost two years into my allergy crises when I stumbled upon something on the internet. I read that candida can migrate from a person’s gut and attack individual organs. Upon muscle testing, I was amazed to learn that candida was not in my gut, but it had indeed attacked one of my organs and I had this infection for many years! Moreover, I learned through muscle response testing that every one of my allergies, food and organ, was a combination allergy that included candida and the two main poisons that candida produces: ethanol and acetaldehyde. This could be why my allergy treatments weren’t holding, because I was not including candida, ethanol, and acetaldehyde in the allergy combinations that I treated.

The "Zapper"


If you have not heard of Dr. Hulda Clark’s “zapper” you should surely check it out. This electrical device has been proven to destroy viruses, fungi, parasites, and bacteria, and it does so very quickly. Kinesiology told me that the zapper is effective against candida, so I proceeded to do several zapper treatments. Two weeks after the zapper treatments, further muscle response testing indicated that the candida was gone, and the ethanol and acetaldehyde was no longer in my system. I was, of course, thrilled with these results but I was left with hundreds of allergies and combination allergies that I had developed over the years and they still needed to be eliminated.

Receiving Further Guidance

Using kinesiology, I asked if the allergy elimination technique I had been using could permanently cure my allergies; the answer was “no.” Since I owned an electric massager with two prongs that would surround my spine quite nicely, I asked if I should add this type of spinal stimulation to my allergy treatment; the answer was yes! I asked how many consecutive treatments I needed to do in order to obtain long term results and the answer was four or five. I began doing 4 or 5 consecutive allergy treatments for each allergy (based on what muscle testing directed), with a ten minute rest in-between, and I added spinal manipulation with my Homedics PA-MH electric massager.

Following the guidance of muscle testing, I’ve been doing my new allergy treatments for about a month now and so far they are about 90% successful. When you consider that my treatments only “held” for a few days previously, I am delighted with these results and very grateful for the guidance I have received through muscle testing. I think Dr. David Hawkins was on the right track when he stated in his book that human beings are connected to a giant database that “transcends time, space, and all limitations of individual consciousness.” We may indeed have a powerful tool for finding answers to our most confounding problems. Just imagine having access to the truth whenever you need it; what a gift!

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Other Muscle Testing Professionals

Based on Dr. Hawkins book, I have had positive results extending my application of muscle testing beyond the way my NAET doctors use the technique. Dr. Hawkins, however, is not the only one to extend the application of muscle testing in novel ways. Dr. Sally St. John, a psychologist from Texas, teaches muscle testing so that we can “reunite with the ultimate truth which connects us all.” She calls her system “Applied S.E.L.F. Kinesiology” and she utilizes the scientific method in a series of steps in which muscle testing is used to “prove truth by disproving falsehood.” Dr. St. John offers training in her muscle testing system, with several areas of focus ranging from: success, career, weight loss, health, relationships, and spirituality.

Dr. Denice Moffat is a veterinarian and Certified Naturopathic physician that I have consulted with in the past. She is a holistic health practitioner located in Idaho, and I was very grateful to personally experience her warmth, talent, and expertise. Here’s what Dr. Moffat has to say about muscle testing: “It is an awesome and powerful tool. My personal favorite of all the techniques I've learned.” On her web site, Dr. Moffat explains some of the practical uses of muscle testing. These include:

  • Testing for allergies

  • Finding vitamin or mineral excesses or deficiencies

  • Finding the primary cause of a disease

  • Find out which drugs or supplements are the best for you

  • Prioritize your work or tasks

  • Communicate with your pets

  • Determine the % involvement of different layers of disease

  • Decide what part of the country to move to

  • Backtrack to find the primary cause of someone’s death

  • Decide which foods are best for your pet

  • Find out what emotions trigger you to eat certain foods

  • The Allergy Kit

    I share Dr. Moffat’s enthusiasm about muscle testing and I am encouraged that physicians such as she are beginning to realize its value in the clinical arena as well as personal areas. I am now using muscle testing to identify the core reasons for my food related allergies, but I would feel quite confident using it for several other reasons that Dr. Moffat suggested. In fact, I look forward to a future in which muscle testing will play a more diverse and substantial role in my life.

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