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Devi Nambudripad, the originator of NAET, the Nambudripad Allergy Elimination Technique, is a chiropractor, acupuncturist, and R.N. living in California. In 1983 she discovered that if certain acupuncture points are stimulated when a person is in physical contact with something they are allergic to, previously blocked energy is released and the body is reprogrammed to accept the energy of the allergen; thus the body’s immune system no longer reacts against the “allergen,” and a person is no longer allergic to a particular substance.

Energy based allergy treatments such as NAET are a natural allergy cure that have evolved from a totally different paradigm than that of the Western medical perspective. Western medicine views allergies as an overreaction of the immune system in response to a substance that is usually harmless to the human body. Energy-based allergy approaches view allergies from Oriental medical principles which focus on the energy flow of the human body. In her seminal book on energy-based treatment, Dr. Nambudripad enlightens us as to how allergies may really be based on energy:

“When the allergen’s incompatible electromagnetic energy comes close to a person’s energy field, repulsion takes place...This causes energy blockages in the meridians. These blockages cause imbalances in the body. The imbalances cause stagnation and illness which creates disorganization in the body function. The disorganization of the body and its function involve the vital organs, their associated muscle groups and nerve roots. To prevent the allergen from causing further disarray after producing the initial blockage, the brain sends messages to every cell of the body to reject the presence of the allergen. This rejection will appear as repulsion, and the repulsion will produce different symptoms in the person like weak limbs, tiredness, aches, pains, insomnia, constipation, anger and many other such unpleasant symptoms.” (1999, p. 100)

NAET Allergy Testing

NAET practitioners utilize Meridian Stress Assessment (MSA), to test for allergies, or they may use muscle response testing (applied kinesiology), two non-invasive methods that are proven to be safe and reliable. MSA, or electrodermal screening, is a computerized device that detects energy variations in the body. This approach utilizes Chinese meridian theory to identify electrical changes on a patient’s acupuncture points while that patient is in contact with the energy of a potential allergen.

Muscle testing, another approach used by NAET practitioners, identifies blockages in a patient’s electromagnetic energy field when a patient is holding a specific allergen. During this test, patients may be lying down or sitting while they extend one arm out horizontally. In the other hand, a patient will hold a food, an allergen, or a vial containing the energetic vibration of a specific allergen. The practitioner pushes down on the wrist of the patient’s extended arm while the patient attempts to resist the downward pressure. If the patient is allergic to the substance he is holding, the indicator muscle (usually the deltoid muscle in the shoulder) will weaken and the patient’s arm will drop.

The concept of muscle testing may sound a bit far-fetched to some, but once patients experience this testing procedure with a trained practitioner, it can seem quite astonishing. You simply extend your arm and try to resist a slight downward pressure by the doctor, but you seem to lose your strength and your arm drops just because you are holding an allergen in your hand. With a little practice, anyone can learn to do muscle- testing for identifying allergies. This author has found muscle-testing to be 100% accurate in identifying the allergies of himself, his loved ones, and his pets.

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The Procedure

After allergies have been identified through the use of muscle-testing or meridian stress assessment, NAET practitioners perform a standard procedure to eliminate allergies for their patients. While patients hold an allergen or a vial containing the energy imprint of an allergen, the practitioner stimulates specific points along the spine, from the neck down to the sacrum.

After the pressure points are stimulated, the practitioner performs an additional muscle test to see if the indicator muscle tests strong; a strong muscle indicates that the allergy has been eliminated. At this point the patient can sit for fifteen minutes while still holding the allergen. Some practitioners, however, have patients stimulate specific acupressure points while they are waiting, as this is known to stabilize the treatment.

Once a treatment is completed, patients are instructed to avoid the allergen (the one they were treated for) for 25 hours in order to achieve the best results. Based on the allergen treated, the practitioner usually provides patients with a written list of foods they are allowed to eat during this 25 hour period. Sometimes the list of allowable foods is quite limited, however, and this can be a difficult time for some patients, especially children.

The Allergy Kit

What Can NAET Cure?

NAET effectively eliminates all types of allergies for about 80% of patients who try it. It uses energy balancing techniques and procedures from acupuncture/acupressure, allopathy, chiropractic, nutrition, and kinesiology. From personal experience, we can attest that Dr. Nambudripad's procedure successfully eliminates the following:

• Citric acid allergy

• Mold allergy

• Nickel allergy

• Pollen allergy

• Latex allergy

• Shrimp allergy

• Lactose allergy

• Casein allergy

• Nut allergy

• Amino acid allergies

• Egg allergy

• Wheat allergy

• Soy allergy

• Sugar allergy

• Vitamin allergies (and many more…)

Dr. Nambudripad has been quoted as stating, “there is hardly any human disease or condition where allergic factors are not involved.” She therefore believes that allergies (energy blockages), when left untreated, are often the underlying cause of many common and chronic illnesses. Dr. Nambudripad claims that her patients have been successfully treated for the following ailments:

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Making an Appointment

Since her technique was discovered, Dr. Nambudripad has trained thousands of practitioners to administer her treatment. Naet is now available in many countries throughout the world and over five thousand licensed medical practitioners have been trained in its procedures (many of them are chiropractors). According to their web site (, a new web page will soon be available to the public that will contain the research results pertaining to NAET.

For those interested in learning more about this natural allergy cure, on her home page, Dr. Nambudripad has prepared an open letter to the public in which she explains “What is correct NAET...” Also, patients are instructed to read Dr. Nambudripad’s book, Say Goodbye to Illness (1999 ), before making an appointment with a practitioner who is trained in the NAET procedure.

To find a practitioner, go to the official NAET site and click on “practitioners” to do a geographic search for a doctor near you.

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