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We will be discussing several natural allergy cures in this section. One alergy cure is a natural remedy for allergies, both food and environmental. Another allergy treatment we address aims to strengthen the immune system, while yet another effectively reduces the body’s histamine response and sinusitis during pollen season. While some of these allergy remedies effectively control symptoms, we’ll discuss one natural cure that has permanently eliminated food and environmental allergies for thousands of patients; a true allergy cure for about 80% of those who try it!


Energy based allergy treatments such as NAET are a natural allergy cure that have evolved from a totally different paradigm than that of the Western medical perspective. When you examine this paradigm closely, you begin to see that allergy relief is not only possible, but quite simple. In her seminal book on energy-based treatment, Dr. Devi Nambudripad (founder of N.A.E.T.) enlightens us as to how allergies are really based on energy:

“When the allergen’s incompatible electromagnetic energy comes close to a person’s energy field, repulsion takes place...This causes energy blockages in the meridians. These blockages cause imbalances in the body. The imbalances cause stagnation and illness which creates disorganization in the body function. The disorganization of the body and its function involve the vital organs, their associated muscle groups and nerve roots. To prevent the allergen from causing further disarray after producing the initial blockage, the brain sends messages to every cell of the body to reject the presence of the allergen. This rejection will appear as repulsion, and the repulsion will produce different symptoms in the person like weak limbs, tiredness, aches, pains, insomnia, constipation, anger and many other such unpleasant symptoms.” (1999, p. 100)

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The foundation of the NAET natural allergy cure revolves around Chinese medicine; the meridian network and acupuncture points. With this system, acupuncture points needed to be stimulated while offending substances are within the body’s energy field, or while patients are actually holding the substance they are allergic to. By stimulating certain acupuncture points while patients are in contact with allergens, naet actually reprograms the body to accept the energy of the allergen.

NAET is a non-invasive, natural allergy cure that eliminates all types of allergies; food and environmental. It uses energy balancing techniques, and procedures from acupuncture/acupressure, allopathy, chiropractic, nutrition, and kinesiology. From personal experience, we can attest to NAET successfully eliminating the following:

• Citric acid allergy

• Mold allergy

• Nickel allergy

• Pollen allergy

• Latex allergy

• Shrimp allergy

• Lactose allergy

• Casein allergy

• Nut allergy

• Amino acid allergies

• Egg allergy

• Wheat allergy

• Soy allergy

• Sugar allergy

• Vitamin allergies (and many more…)

Since NAET was discovered, Dr. Nambudripad has trained thousands of practitioners to administer her treatment. Naet is now available in many countries throughout the world and over five thousand licensed medical practitioners have been trained in its procedures (many of them are chiropractors). According to their web site (, a new web page will soon be available to the public that will contain the research results pertaining to NAET.

For those interested in learning more about the naet natural allergy cure, Dr. Nambudripad has prepared an open letter to the public in which she explains “What is correct NAET...” Also, NAET patients are instructed to read Dr. Nambudripad’s book, Say Goodbye to Illness (1999 ), before making an appointment with a practitioner who is trained in the NAET procedure.

For more about naet, go to our NAET page.

The Allergy Kit

At-Home Allergy Elimination

Allergy elimination at-home is a brand new opportunity for allergy patients. This option appeals to individuals who would like to learn to perform energy-based allergy treatments professionally; the way NAET and Bioset doctors do, but without the cost of doctor's visits. There is another important advantage of this natural allergy cure.

Most energy-based allergy practitioners will treat one allergy per office visit. As you might imagine, when allergies are treated this way it can take many months before your allergies are cleared. In addition, the expense of all these office visits can really add up. So, a former NAET physician began offering an at home allergy kit that clients can purchase. The major difference is that this kit treats allergies in strategic combinations, thereby eliminating numerous allergies in just one treatment. Can you see how this approach will shorten your overall treatment time and reduce your expense?

We feel this is the most exciting natural allergy cure that has come about in recent years. Take a look at the at-home allergy kit video and judge for yourself.


Quercetin is a flavonoid and plant pigment that is found in foods such as: apples, onions, red wine, nuts, berries, and some vegetables. Aside from its role as a natural allergy cure, it has been found to contribute to cardiovascular health and reducing the risk factor for cancer. Studies have indicated that quercetin can cut the risk of prostate cancer in men, and it may also reduce the risk of ovary and breast cancer in women. In relation to allergies, quercetin’s antioxidant effect is known to have allergy fighting affects by inhibiting the body’s release of histamine. It has anti-inflammatory properties as well, which can reduce the pain experienced by those with disorders such as arthritis.

In the United States, the average adult diet provides about 50 milligrams of quercetin per day. To benefit from quercetin’s allergy fighting effects, one must acquire supplements that are generally available in health food stores. As a natural allergy cure in a supplement form, Quercetin is our first choice due to its ability to significantly reduce nasal allergy symptoms caused by indoor allergens, seasonal allergy symptoms such as watery eyes and post nasal drip, and the fatigue that often accompanies allergic rhinitis.

The Allergy Kit

Quercetin is usually found in health food stores in capsules ranging between 250 and 600 milligrams, and while it can certainly be found as a sole ingredient, it is often combined with two other potent allergy fighters: bromelain and vitamin C. Bromelain has anti-inflammatory effects as well as mucous reducing properties. It thereby helps to lessen the congestion and irritation caused by environmental allergies. Vitamin C is an antioxidant that can inhance immune system function and it has been shown to have a protective effect on cells from inflammatory reactions occurring during allergic episodes. There is some controversy as to whether vitamin C acts as a natural antihistamine. This author, however, has found vitamin C to be a very effective antihistamine for fighting bouts of allergic rhinitis. One of the quercetin products we like contains 600 milligrams of quercetin, 200 milligrams of bromelain, and 400 milligrams of vitamin C.

The Immune System - natural allergy cure

Since our digestive system is the main site where harmful organisms, toxins, and heavy metals enter our bodies, it makes sense that about 80% of our immune system resides in our digestive tract, where it can defend against these substances. The remainder of our immune system is in our body’s tissues and within our blood, and it stands ready to fight against the harmful substances that our gut could not protect against. If our intestines are injured or compromised, our first line of defense is weakened and unable to function properly, and more “foreign substances” enter our body which places great stress on our immune system and causes widespread inflammation in our bodies.

Our intestines, therefore, are our front line of defense against gut injury which can have very serious consequences on our health. This intestinal injury is usually referred to as “leaky gut syndrome,” which involves otherwise normal substances getting into our bloodstream through a compromised gut where they are interpreted as being dangerous, so they are repeatedly attacked by our immune system. Hence we have a porous intestinal lining because “foreign invaders” leak into our bloodstream, systemic inflammation occurs, we have an overworked immune system, and we acquire new food allergies on a regular basis. Therein lies a primary reason why so many of us are searching for a natural allergy cure.

Here are the four steps we recommend for addressing the inflammation and integrity of your intestinal lining:

1) Remove offending foods that are causing inflammation of your gut. You can have your doctor order a blood allergy test, or you may study our tutorial on muscle testing for allergies so you can effectively identify allergens yourself. And we will go a step a step further here; we recommend you permanently eliminate your allergies using the following free program…

2) Reduce inflammation of the intestinal lining. To accomplish this, you may use any or all of the following: Wobenzymes which stimulate the immune system and reduce inflammation; Omega-3 fatty acids, such as those found in fish oil; and an amino acid such as glutamine, which can be effective at stimulating the immune system and reducing inflammation of the digestive tract.

3) Remove yeasts and parasites through a program recommended by Dr. Hulda Clarke in her book, “The Cure for all Diseases.” Her parasite maintenance program of page 341 recommends you do this once a week: 1) Black walnut hull tincture extra strength, 2 tsp. on an empty stomach; 2) Wormwood capsules, 7 capsules on an empty stomach; 3) Cloves, 3 capsules (about 500 mg. each) on an empty stomach; 4) Ornithine as needed.

4) Rebuild your immune system by strengthening your intestinal lining. This can be done with a quality acidophilus supplement such as Primadophilus by Natures Way, a brand that contains 5 billion CFUs per capsule.

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