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You have heard a lot about the Oreck air purifier. Unless you’ve had your head buried in the sand, you have most likely seen the Oreck television infomercial on numerous occasions. These ads make claims that would have you believe that their product is the latest and best innovation in air purification technology. What exactly are their claims?

The company claims that their Oreck air purifier features 6-stage air filtration with a permanent lifetime filter. They state that their oxygenator converts harmful ozone into oxygen. They claim that their units employ “silence technology,” and they say their home air purifier cleans a 900 square foot room every hour. Wow, doesn’t that all sound great? Sure it does; infomercial scripts are designed to sound quite intriguing. However, when you study the available literature and consumer reports that have been made public, you see scientific studies and consumer reviews that may quickly have you turning away (or running away) from the Oreck air purifier.

oreck air purifier features

Before we provide you with some of the objective evidence that stacks-up against the Oreck, lets take a closer look at its features.

When you look at the features below, ask yourself a couple of intelligent questions: does the Oreck possess new technology or just older technology “dressed up” in a pretty new package? Also, where are the tests to validate Oreck’s claims that it offers the best air purifier? Where is the scientific evidence to support the Oreck air purifier:

• Charcoal filter – should be replaced every two months, costing you $119.00 per year

• Negative ion generator – this is an ionic air purifier that produces an unspecified amount of potentially dangerous ozone

• Positive ion generator – Earlier research discussing the effects of ions on health indicated that positive ions should be viewed as dangerous

• Collection grid – These types of air purifiers usually contain ionizing wires inside the device which frequently need cleaning due to particle build-up on the charging wires; a humming or static noise will let you know a cleaning is required

• Tabletop design – Oreck touts this feature as though its convenient size makes it a better room air purifier. However, check our scientific research section below to discover just what percentage of air the unit cleans

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oreck air purifier claims


The company claims that their Oreck air purifier eliminates odors and removes harmful volatile organic compounds (VOCS) from the air. They also claim that their oxygenator is able to change ozone into breathable, fresh oxygen, so that their product will not produce ozone that exceeds federal safety limits.

Oreck makes additional claims regarding a reduction of paticles in the air you breathe. They claim that their air purifier “captures and destroys bacteria, viruses, mold, and fungi with 150% better cleaning performance!” Of course they go on to claim that this is “great for allergy and asthma suffers.”

objective scientific research

Since Oreck provides no research to support their claims, one has to do quite a bit of homework to discover the truth about their purifiers. Well, we did our homework and we’re confident we have some reliable facts for you to consider about the oreck air purifier.

We found several consumer organizations that scientifically tested the Oreck products. We will combine their recommendations and findings below:

• The Oreck XL Professional Signature Air Purifier is “Not Recommended”

• With regard to cleaning your household air of allergens, dust, and dirt, the Oreck performed poorly

• Our tests indicate the Oreck air purifier only removed 33% of particles at the unit and 45% of airborne particles in the entire room…”we recommend avoiding this unit completely”

• “The Oreck air cleaner was one of the worst performing units of those that we tested”

• Regarding the Oreck XL Professional, this magazine stated: “not recommended…these were poor at cleaning, and some exceeded the UL ozone standard”

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real comments by Oreck customers

Sure, you can find glowing testimonials on the web site of any product. You can also hear positive testimonials on TV infomercials where customers call-in and rave about their products on a speaker phone so the audience can be impressed. But where can you see real testimonials; the ones where the consumers were not given incentives to share their experiences. Right here.

Here a just a few authentic consumer comments:

• This consumer purchased two Orecks and “after two months they became ineffective”

• This consumer feels “I was ripped off by my purchase of the Oreck XL air purifier”

• This customer stated “my allergy symptoms were in no way relieved”

• Another customer stated he spent $400 on “a product that does nothing”

• One customer angrily said they felt cheated for spending money on “two pieces of garbage”

• “Expensive, noisy, ineffective, not that easy to clean”

• Regarding the collection cell: “doesn’t really collect”

• This customer described the Oreck customer service as “poor”

• This customer compared the Oreck purifier to a fan: “a very good fan, however, you can purchase a fan for a lot less cost"

• Described the unit as “very difficult to clean”

• Described the oreck as “very noisy, pricey, and hard to clean"

• Regarding cleaning the product: “good luck cleaning the cell”

• A customer claimed their Oreck stopped working after six months. They had such trouble with customer service they said it was like “trying to call the Pentagon”

• Another customer learned that ionic air purifiers are harmful, so they called Oreck and could not get their money back. They reportedly felt sick for “wasting $379 on a product that does not work”

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finally, an objective consumer report...

After reading the claims that Oreck made above and then seeing those claims dispelled by independent sources, you may be wondering whether air purifiers really do clean the air in your home? Our answer to that question is, it depends! To better answer that question, our editors have prepared a air purifier consumer report outlined in a convenient chart format.

Our air purifier chart helps you to easily compare the following technologies: hepa air purifiers, ionic air purifiers, ozone air purifiers, carbon devices, hydroxyl radical purifiers, and UV air purifiers. Now you can quickly determine the differences among these machines and the objective rating we’ve assigned to each purifier product based on its features. Finally, we present our Editor’s Choice for the finest air purifier with a truly innovative technology.


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