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About Severe Allergies

Severe allergies can wreak havoc on your life. I’m not talking about allergies that make you sneeze a lot. I don’t mean the type of allergy that gives you a post nasal drip. I don’t mean the kind of allergy that makes you avoid a couple of foods. I’m talking about allergies that have gotten so bad that you can’t handle being around fragrances, you can’t eat anything without suffering urgent gastrointestinal reactions, and you experience frequent disorientation and intense headaches on a consistent basis. I’m talking about allergies that will slowly and collectively destroy your life. It feels as though these allergies will slowly kill you if you don’t find the right treatment. I know; I’m speaking from personal experience.

When you read the term “severe allergies,” you may think of anaphylactic shock, but that’s not what I’m referring to. Don’t get me wrong. Anaphylactic shock is severe, very dangerous, and life threatening. It occurs when a person becomes highly sensitized to an allergen such as insect venom or peanuts. These allergic reactions can involve a serious drop in blood pressure, swelling of the throat, and shock, and they require immediate medical intervention. But I’m talking about something different, and it’s also very dangerous.

There is no official name yet for the type of allergies I’m discussing, so I’ll refer to them as severe allergies. Although this disease doesn’t have a recognized name, and although doctors don’t really know how to treat it, there are a growing number of patients presenting with this type of allergy syndrome. What can the symptoms look like?

  • Individual acquires an increasing number of allergies
  • Allergies to organs and glands
  • NAET treatments are successful for only a short time
  • Tendency to acquire combination allergies
  • Allergies to numerous foods, vitamins, minerals, and amino acids
  • Allergies to medications
  • multiple chemical sensitivities
  • Feelings of chronic fatigue
  • Brain fog
  • Anxiety or episodes of extreme panic
  • Serious gastrointestinal distress after eating
  • Episodes of disorientation


We mentioned NAET above. This is an energy-based allergy treatment method that is usually administered by chiropractors, and it has a success rate of about 80%. It identifies allergies through a physician’s muscle testing and it eliminates both environmental and food allergies quickly; within twenty-five hours. What about the 20% of people for whom naet doesn’t work. What do they do? Well, I’m one of the 20% for which naet failed, and conventional doctors failed me also. So what do you do when you have severe allergies, you’re allergic to everything, and no one can help you? For those people whose allergies are so severe that they have caused anaphylactic reactions, I would not recommend energy-based allergy treatments such as NAET, Bioset, or the Allergy Kit. If you like, you can explore these approaches and decide for yourself, but I wouldn't personally recommend them if your reactions are anaphylactic, or life threatening.

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Muscle Testing

Without a diagnostic tool, there isn’t much you can do to help yourself. I believe muscle testing is an ideal tool for diagnosing allergies, sensitivities, intolerances, and various illnesses. For me, this tool has been indispensible. I chose a testing method used by one of my naet doctors, practiced a bit, and eventually became proficient. Here’s how it works. I lie on my back and lift my arm straight up. I make a statement such as, “the symptoms I’m experiencing right now are being caused by an allergy.” You can recognize a “yes” answer by the resistance you feel when your testing partner presses down on your arm. If the answer is “no,” your arm drops down quickly and no resistance is experienced. To learn more about muscle testing, take a look at Dr. David Hawkins’ book, Power vs Force.

Heavy Metal Toxins

If you have severe allergies, your allergy treatments will most likely fail unless you detox the chemicals or heavy metals that are damaging your organs and endocrine glands. Dr. George Best, a holistic health practitioner in San Antonio, Texas, explains that when allergy treatments fail, it has been his experience that the cause is heavy metal toxicity. He says that the metals seem to prevent the body’s immune system from working correctly, and they appear to make people more vulnerable to allergies. The most common culprits? Cadmium and thallium. I eventually learned that cadmium was a primary cause of my severe allergies.

How do you detox? First, I used muscle testing to identify the substances that were damaging my body. I then chose an at-home chelation product to rid my body of heavy metal toxins. There are alternative physicians that use hair analysis to identify the toxins of their patients. Dr. Best, above, explains that he uses chlorella and cilantro to treat patients with several toxicities, and homeopathics for his patients with specific metal toxicities.

Detoxamin is a chelation suppository that is very simple to use. It is effective in eliminating metals from your body, it is economical, and noninvasive compared to other methods of chelation. Moreover, the effectiveness of this product has been validated through scientific research. Although the FDA is now preventing manufacturers of chelation products from mentioning their effectiveness with heavy metals, those of us who have used Detoxamin know that it is an excellent product for this purpose.

The Zapper

Dr. Hulda Clark is a wonderful alternative medicine physician. In her book, The Cure For All Disease, she explains that no matter how long a patient’s list of symptoms is, “I am sure to find only two things wrong: they have in them pollutants and/or parasites.” (pg. 2) Dr. Clark explains how to kill pathogens using an electronic device that she calls the zapper. She provides plans in her book on how to build a zapper with simple parts you can find at Radio Shack. The FDA doesn’t allow the sale of zappers in the U.S., so I purchased mine from a company in Canada. This device will kill parasites, bacteria, and viruses. I know because I verified my zapper treatments through muscle testing and I successfully killed various critters that were infecting me; it worked on every single treatment I administered.

Steve Rochlitz

Dr. Rochlitz is a physicist and kinesiologist in Arizona. He is a very skilled alternative medicine physician with a keen interest in health conditions that contribute to severe allergies. Dr. Rochlitz has made some astounding discoveries in this regard. He has found that a condition known as porphyria is a leading cause of environmental illness. He has discovered that hiatal hernia and vagus nerve imbalance can both contribute to multiple chemical sensitivity. And, he has found that a heart defect known as the patent foramen ovale is linked to multiple chemical sensitivities and food sensitivities.

Through muscle testing I have found the Dr. Rochlitz is correct, and I had both the patent foramen oval and a hiatal hernia contributing to my severe allergies. So, what do you do when you discover you have damaged organs, glands, or health conditions like those that Dr. Rochlitz mentions? Prepare yourself for something wonderful, and outrageous!

Dr. Frank Kinslow

When I became afflicted with severe allergies, I continuously did naet allergy treatments, sometimes ten per day, for about four years straight. The allergies kept returning. Fortunately, my muscle testing skills increased over those four years and I became more adept at asking questions. Through the muscle testing process, I discovered that many of my organs and glands were damaged. It was around this time that I discovered Dr. Frank Kinslow’s book, The Secret of Instant Healing.

Dr. Kinslow teaches a process he calls quantum entrainment, a very simple process that initiates a state of mind conducive to healing. Basically, he teaches us to be still and wait for a very positive feeling, happiness, or bliss to occur. Dr. Kinslow calls this state of mind “pure awareness.” When we are in that state of mind we are able to state an intention, that is, we make a statement of what we want to heal. It’s that simple. Does quantum entrainment work for everyone? I don’t know, but I fully believe if one has the patience to “slow their life down” enough to practice reaching pure awareness, the divine energy will respond positively to their healing intention. It does for me and I can tell you that this has been a profound gift; a godsend for me. It's been a major tool in my quest to cure my severe allergies

The Allergy Kit

Treating Your Allergies

We talked about using muscle testing to identify your allergies, sensitivities, heavy metal toxins, parasites, damaged organs and glands, and health conditions. We’ve talked about how the zapper is an excellent tool for eliminating parasites, bacteria, and viruses. Finally, we discussed Dr. Kinslow’s quantum entrainment, and how you can personally cure various ailments and health conditions, like the ones presented by Steve Rochlitz, and how the state of pure awareness can help to heal your severe allergies. After you’ve eliminated these problems, your allergy treatments should be successful; they should “hold.” So how do you treat your allergies?

In her book, The Food Allergy Cure, Dr. Ellen Cutler discusses her Bioset home treatment. It involves purchasing a sample kit of vials, including vials to balance the blood, organs, glands, immune system, and enzymes. The next level of treatment involves clearing amino acids, vitamins, minerals, sugar, hormones, etc. On page 172 of her book, Dr. Cutler teaches how to apply the acupressure treatment to the spine and nineteen points on the arms and legs. This systems works, but I found it a bit cumbersome and time consuming. There is a system that I’ve found to be easier and very effective.

The allergy kit is a new do-it-yourself allergy treatment system that is energy-based, like naet and Bioset. But the system is designed for you to use at home. A major difference with the allergy kit is that it treat allergies in specific combinations, thus reducing the number of treatments you need. A great feature of the kit is a video that shows you how to tap the acupressure points; you can do your treatments as you follow along with the video. Also, the treatment is much quicker that Bioset. I have done my treatments in less than five minutes. However, I reiterate that I reduced the acuteness of my severe allergies, using the above methods, before administering energy treatments. After four years of treating allergies, I feel this is the best approach to take.


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