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Urine Therapy is an alternative form of medicine, claimed to cure many different health conditions which will be discussed below. This therapy involves the practice of ingesting one’s own urine, applying compresses, or massaging urine into one’s skin. Urine therapy has a very long history and spans many cultures. Ancient Greeks used urine to treat wounds, women in the 17th century took baths in urine to rejuvenate their skin and the Romans used urine to whiten their teeth, to name but a few examples. Moreover, today there are many conditions that believers claim can be cured by the use of urine therapy, and a few of these which will now be discussed.

For the Skin

For individuals who have problem skin or who simply desire to have healthy, youthful looking skin, rubbing fresh urine into the skin on a daily basis can heal and rejuvenate. Supposedly, the longer you keep the urine on your skin, the greater and quicker the benefits of the therapy. In addition, for individuals suffering from dandruff, rubbing urine into the scalp can alleviate and cure the dry skin.

For Gangrene

Urine has been said to cure gangrene quicker than other conditions. When physicians would normally recommend amputation of the affected limb, urine therapy believers might treat the body by having the patient fast on their own urine while continually sipping regular tap water only for several days. In addition, urine compresses are applied to the affected area, relieving the aches and pains and healing the skin. There have been cases where such urine treatment has resulted in the easing of symptoms within a matter of a few days, and to fully cured in a matter of weeks.

For Cancer

Proving that a therapy cures cancer is an ominous task. As you might imagine, if urine was successful in effecting a cure for a patient’s cancer, the argument would typically be advanced that the illness must not have been cancer in the first place. There is the mainstream view that with cancer, an operation and then radiation or chemotherapy is the process one must Normally go through to “cure” cancer. Also, part of this view would purport that analyzing and measuring the growth of a tumor is the only way to properly diagnose cancer, according to traditional medicine. Therefore, if an individual decides to try urine as a cure, and it seems to work, physicians will dismiss the claim that cancer existed in the first place since the proof is not available to support that claim.

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Individuals suffering from allergies may find a cure in urine therapy. Researches have found that when people with allergies drink their own urine, the body can develop antibodies that combat some of the causes of allergies, possibly eliminating the allergies altogether. Here's how this is possible.

When the body initiates an allergic reaction, the cause of that reaction is white blood cells, specifically lymphocytes, that have become rebellious and attack substances that are actually harmless to the body. It has been found that when these rebellious lymphocytes are reestablished inside individuals with allergic responses, antibodies were formed which blocked their allergic reactions. Since urine contains some of these rebellious lymphocytes, researchers surmised that giving patients their own urine would effectively reestablish the lymphocytes inside their bodies, thus blocking their allergies. There is evidence indicating that this treatment has been effective.

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What Type of Urine?

The ideal urine for this type of therapy is from the first urination in the morning, as this is when the urine contains the most nutrients. It is best to use the midstream of the urine as the initial part of the stream will clean the urinary passage and the last part of the stream holds the least amount of nutrients.

If one is consuming more than a glass of urine a day, it is suggested to wait at least an hour after consuming food before ingesting the urine. And if a person is drinking several glasses of their own urine, a diet low in protein and salt is recommended.

If an individual is having difficulties ingesting their urine, urinating more frequently and diluting it with water may assist in making it weaker in taste and smell. As well, monitoring the type of foods an individual eats will impact the smell and strength of taste. For example, high protein foods may result in a stronger tasting urine. It should also be noted that in order for urine therapy to have maximum effectiveness, the urine must contain the necessary nutrients, so it is important that an individual eat healthy, nutritious food and avoid convenience foods.

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Urine is believed by some to be a cure for various conditions and diseases. It is said to become more pure as the body filters it and as a result, will cleanse, free obstruction and rebuild vital organs and passages if they have been negatively impacted by disease. While there are many people around the world who believe in the benefits of urine therapy, there are also many who advise people to be cautious when considering alternate forms of medicine and specifically ingesting one’s own urine as there are concerns of ingesting toxins that may be harmful to the body. These are two opposing viewpoints and research can be found to support each.

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