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You can publish a web page right here on, and it will be a page that will be viewed and appreciated by many people who have a condition that is similar to your own. Why would you want to post your allergy related page on our site? Publish a page with us for several reasons:

  • our visitors have allergy issues just like you
  • our visitors will learn more about allergies from the details in your story
  • people who browse our site have a definite interest in allergy related illnesses
  • you are empowering others and helping them take a more active role in their allergy treatment
  • your allergy story will inspire others to contribute their experiences and knowledge
  • you're helping us to spread the word that people can eliminate their own allergies; often permanently!
  • we will say “thanks” by providing you with a valuable, essential gift to help with your allergies

If you're ready to share your allergy story with others, or the story of one of your loved ones, you can begin in the “title-box” below. If you are hesitant to share your story at the moment, please keep reading so you can more fully understand why we are asking you to contribute your meaningful, relevant experience on our site.

Want to Escape From Your Allergies?

We have a wonderful gift for you if you'll be kind enough to share your allergy story with us. Tell us about your experience with food or environmental sensitivities. Tell it all, the aggravation, frustration, difficulties, challenges, treatments you've tried; everything! Or, tell us how you've tried to help one of your loved ones.

To thank you for your story, we'll direct you to a free, illustrated allergy elimination method you can do at home; the kind for which doctors charge up to $75 per visit. And this treatment method works great for most people!

You can begin by giving your story a title in the box below, then choose "click here to see the rest of the form..." so you can jot down all the details of your allergy experience!

Your Allergy Story Can Help Others

Over the past ten years, many of you have written to us on our contact form to say you appreciate the information presented on our web site. After reading about our lengthy and determined search for an allergy cure, our readers have gotten a sense that they can be liberated from allergy illnesses as well as their dependence on long term medications and the conventional allergy "specialists" who have done little to discover the root cause of this annoying, if not debilitating illness. In addition to your kind words over the years, we've also received many emails from individuals who were frustrated and fed-up with their allergies and sensitivities. These good people, often desperate for help with their illnesses, have received considerable solace and comfort from reading our own allergy story and they left our web site feeling there was hope that they might also find relief from their allergy suffering.

We are very grateful for your kind words over the years, but as we endeavor to take to a higher level of consumer information and support, we need something more from you; we need your allergy stories! In exchange for your stories we are offering you, our visitor, more than mere hope; we are offering you the gift of effective, free allergy elimination! As you may know, these types of allergy treatments range in cost between $50 and $75, depending on the practitioner you visit. But we have learned you can administer these treatments yourself, and you can do so quite effectively. Now, before you go and put on your skeptic’s hat, let me explain further.

Our Allergy Elimination Technique

We've learned a great deal over the years as we have endeavored to control, tame, and eliminate severe allergy illness. Can you imagine being allergic to foods, vitamins, minerals, most things in the environment, and in addition to all that, becoming allergic to your own organs, glands, and blood. We didn't have to imagine because that's where we were. How did we learn to control this severe, chronic, and overwhelming condition? We initially used a tool that has proven to be an extremely powerful, valuable, and crucial diagnostic tool; muscle testing. Now, developing this skill took years to learn and a great deal of experience and effort to master. But it was well worth the effort. Having learned the skill from NAET doctors, some of whom are very gifted in this area, we expanded our use of muscle testing after our experience had shown it was providing us with some very practical and reliable information.

Muscle response testing is a skill that is misunderstood by many who have not been able to avail themselves of its vast benefits, such as identifying allergies, diagnosing physical problems, and choosing the most effective solutions for regaining one’s health. Indeed, it is a difficult concept to comprehend; trying to understand and accept the fact that there is an unlimited source of knowledge that ordinary individuals can literally “tap into” in order to receive answers to their most pressing concerns. We have learned a great deal from muscle response testing as we used it for over five years to understand and fight debilitating illness; one of the more simple things we've learned is that it's quite possible to eliminate your allergy and sensitivity problems; it is much easier than you might have imagined.

You Can Perform Allergy Elimination

There are many variations of the type of allergy treatment we’d like to show you. It originated in the 1980s, when Dr. Devi Nambudripad began offering the NAET approach to her patients. Her treatment was absolutely ground breaking, and it has helped countless allergy patients in several different countries. But even though NAET is considered a holistic approach that does not rely on injections or medication, it is not designed as a treatment that patients can do independently; it keeps allergy patients dependent on their doctors and it can become quite expensive, depending on the number of treatments you require in order to become allergy free. I have personally paid thousands of dollars for these types of energy based allergy elimination treatments and I found-out something very ironic; these expensive allergy treatments are basically very simple and with a few adjustments to the treatment approach, they can be administered by patients themselves.

At, our aim is to help allergy patients discover energy-based treatment, and we’d like to introduce you to the very real possibility that you can personally begin to take control of your allergy treatment. We feel that once you try energy-based allergy treatment and see how simple and effective it can be, self-administered allergy elimination will become quite a feasible option for you.

Share Your Allergy Experience With Us

Once again, we at would like your allergy story and we'd like to put it on an actual web page which we can share with our readers. Very simply, we are getting patients involved in their allergy treatment, we are empowering them, and we are showing that there are many other individuals who suffer from the challenges of this unfortunate illness. After we have collected a sufficient amount of your allergy stories, we will move-on to step two of our plan. We will collect your allergy treatment stories, and we will share your success with our visitors; we will show that energy-based allergy treatment is a simple, effective, viable option that patients can use in order to take an active role in their own treatment.

We are prepared to thank you for your allergy story by giving you a free allergy elimination technique that you can use at home. In addition, when you write your story, you may include one question that you’d like us to answer and we will do our best to help you through remote muscle testing. In the future, after you've learned how to eliminate allergies and sensitivities for yourself, we hope you will visit us again and let us know about your experience with our allergy elimination technique.

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